Fangirl Friday: What to watch when you’re illin’

Hello, friends. Your host (that would be me, Andi) has been down for the count all week. I have been ILLIN’ and finally dragged my ass to the doctor on Wednesday where after various tests it was determined that I have both flu and bronchitis because I don’t do anything half-assed, I’ll have you know.

I’m extremely disappointed in this year’s flu vaccine. But I suppose if I hadn’t had it, I would have felt even shittier. So there’s that.

Anyway, point being, when I’m illin’ like this I generally camp out on my couch and sleep/watch TV and I have a few go-to things that I watch because it helps keep my mind off the shitty. Also, I generally have a headache when I’m illin’ like this — one of those ever-present behind-the-eyes things — and it’s easier for me to focus on a big screen than a book page. I just need to be fed info passively. LOL So that’s why when I’m illin’, I’m watching TV/movies.

Here are the things that help me get through the crap:

1. NCIS (the original and NCIS: New Orleans). This is one of my go-tos and I actually own, like 12 seasons. Fortunately for me, USA often runs NCIS during the week (like all day Thursdays). But if you don’t do cable, you can watch seasons on Netflix and other streaming services. THANK GAWD. For those not in the know, NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Services) is a great action/drama police procedural that’s been running since 2003. The characterization is amazing, there’s excellent writing, and the plots and subplots are really well-done. I prefer seasons 1-about 11, but I’ll watch more recent ones, too. Great escapism.

2. Supernatural. I know, I know. It’s been on, like, forever (actually, NCIS has been on longer), but it’s fun to watch and it has creative, dramatic, and cool-ass and sometimes scary paranormal elements. Sam and Dean Winchester are ghosthunters/demon-hunters following in their father’s footsteps to track down and rid the country of evil and I’m into stuff like that, so this one’s another go-to when I’m camped on my couch. It’s available to stream on most services, but if you still have cable, TNT runs it usually weekday mornings.

3. Lost Girl. This is another paranormal series whose primary character is Bo, a succubus who refuses to fall in line with the hierarchies of the fae. Full of drama, epic things at stake, queer rep, F/F relationships and sexy-times, as well as great, tight writing and characterization. It ran from 2010-2016 and you can find it on most streaming services.

4. Harry Potter movies. I have no idea why, but I watch these movies when I’m sick. They’ve been running quite a bit on USA and SyFy, but you can find them on streaming services. I like paranormal-themed stuff in general, but when I’m illin’, I find it handy as an escape from my fever-addled brain. Nothing like epic paranormal and magic adventures to get your mind off that.

5. Marvel movies. The other thing that helps get me out of my sickspace are Marvel movies. I’ve been watching Thor and Avenger movies this week. They’re big, loud, colorful, and I don’t have to concentrate on them, which is perfect for when I’m sick.

And finally, I decided to start watching Legacies this week, a brand new paranormal (OF COURSE) show on the CW. Season 1 just launched at the end of October and I’ve been streaming episodes. This is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted in Mystic Falls is home to Klaus Mikaelson’s daughter Hope and Alaric Saltzman twins Lizzie and Josie as well as a whole slew of other students. Basically, it’s a boarding school for paranormally gifted high school students (and younger) and it’s chock full of teenage angst, sibling rivalry, single-father issues, as well as the very adult things the young people have to deal with. Nicely drawn characters, F/F rep, and POC. Throw in an apocalyptic threat and you’ve got some interesting episodes.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. It sucks being sick, but at least I have things to take my mind off it all. What about you? Do you have go-to shows for your sick days? Share in the comments!


  1. Right with ya on Supernatural. Also, certain eps of NCIS. I’ve been bingeing on Doctor Who and martial arts movies when I’m conscious enough to focus. But I can’t watch anything new when I’m sick, it takes too much energy.

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  2. Hope you’ve kicked that nasty lung stuff to the kerb by now. 😀 … I go into reading and sleeping and ‘Don’t talk to me!’ … basically a grizzzly bear in midwinter hibernation mode.


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