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A reader’s perspective on bingo and favourites

This being my first blog of 2019, a belated Happy Holidays. December 2018 saw another amazing and successful Hootenanny. Hats off to all involved especially Andi and Jove.

There has been much said and written of the success that was Jae’s 2018 Lesbian 2012_01_012_books-768x576.jpgBook Bingo. I had the opportunity to provide some of my favourites to Jae for consideration for each of the squares and took a keen interest in the updates; admittedly to compare the posted lists with my suggestions to see how my reading tastes compared to other readers. I may be in the minority but I couldn’t resist going through The List of the Most Read Books (overall and for each genre) and not surprisingly given my reading habits there was a lot of common ground. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the books that made the lists were released in various years and not limited to current releases (authors too, I am sure). Of the top 20 books overall I had read 90% of them and of the 298 books listed for all the genres I’ve read 85%. Not necessarily all in 2018 but when your read around 300 books a year there is bound to be some overlap.  The categories where I didn’t “fare” as well for a lack of a better term were Fantasy (30%), LGBTQIA+ Characters (50%) and Paranormal (42%). This might be partly because I’m what I consider a “binge” reader and once I find a new-to-me author with a backlist that’s got my attention for however many books it takes to catch up. Some genres might not be read from one year to the next while my favourite tropes are always on the go. How about you? Did this push you to read new authors and/or genres? Did anything surprise you? There are so many books and authors out there and these lists are a convenient starting point for your 2019 reading list.

I gather from my short discussions with Jae and the information in her posts that this took on a life of its own and took up a lot of her and others’ time (Trish, thank you for those lists). It was a very cool way to involve readers, authors and publishers in a fun reading event. Fortunately someone else is taking up the mantle for 2019. Categories have been tweaked and it looks like many prizes are being donated. I am just waiting for confirmation its okay to post the information here and I hope to update everyone next month.

Speaking of something that involves the participation of readers, authors and publishers – if you aren’t already a member of the Golden Crown Literary Society and/or haven’t registered for the 2019 Annual GCLS Conference in Pittsburgh yet, early bird pricing discounts end January 31st. This will be my sixth conference and I look forward to it every year – new city to explore, meeting new people and getting reacquainting with others. Since my first conference in Portland I have seen so much effort and progress on the organization’s part to make it a fun, inclusive, diverse and interesting conference. Any questions about my experiences at the conference, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.

Well, all these lists have inspired me so, in no particular order, here are lists of my five favourite books (well, as of today anyway) pre 2016, post 2016, and series. If I haven’t already blogged about them, you’ll likely see them mentioned at some point in the near future.

Pre 2016

  • 51DCRqrvYZL._AA218_.jpgTouchwood/Watermark – Karin Kallmaker
  • And Playing the Role of Herself – K.E. Lane
  • In this Small Spot – Caren J. Werlinger
  • Nudge – Sandra Moran
  • Backwards to Oregon – Jae

Post 2016


  • Symphony in Blue – MJ Duncan
  • Chef’s Special – Susan X Meagher
  • Defensive Mindset – Wendy Temple
  • The Music and the Mirror – Lola Keeley
  • Drawing the Line – KD Williamson


  • Shaken – KG MacGregor
  • The Chronicles of Alsea – Fletcher Delancey
  • On Deception’s Edge – Lise MacTague
  • The Dawn (and Moon) Series – Kate Sweeney
  • Alex and Cassidy – Nancy Ann Healy






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