Women and Words Podcast: 19-25 January 2019

12-Gauge Birthdays and Remember to Be Kind

Hi, friends! We’re no longer illin’ (well, Andi is still kind of illin’, so apologies in advance for her lingering cough and cough drop noises).

AH, parenting! Jove’s son Noah convinced her to let him get his septum pierced for his birthday while Andi is completely befuddled by this whole parenting thing, but she can experience it vicariously through Jove. Also, Stevie’s journeys to visit the sites of drowned villages made Andi think of Brigadoon (and okay, maybe Atlantis, too, but she didn’t say that part). Also, Lee Lynch has inspired Jove to do something really sweet every month for her sweetie. COMMENCE HEART EYES!

19 Jan.: Women and Wordster Danielle Zion did a Reader’s Perspective with a shout-out to author Jae’s Lesbian Book Bingo, the 2018 read-fest that involved gajillions of books and prizes. Also, Danielle’s got a couple of lists of her current fave books.

20 Jan.: Author S.W. Andersen came by to remind us to be ourselves, something that may not be easy, but is well worth it. Go see.

21 Jan.: Author and Women and Wordster Stevie Carroll took another trip to check out some drowned villages that are now being revealed as a result of dry weather. Check it out.

23 Jan.: Author and Women and Wordster Lee Lynch loves her some Valentine’s Day. Bring on the heart eyes, y’all.

24 Jan.: Author and Women and Wordster Renée Bess got us all to think about titles of books and what draws us to particular ones. Here you go.

25 Jan.: Author and Women and Wordster Erin Zak talks about how sometimes what you think is funny can actually hurt (so be careful with it). Go see.


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