It’s a new year, but I didn’t really have any resolutions. I joined Planet Fitness in November. Guess how many times I’ve been there? Twice. Yep, that’s what I said. Two times and it is the end of January. It’s pathetic.


I don’t feel guilty at all. I’ll get on the ball sooner or later but gang, I live in Louisiana, home to some of the best food in ‘Murica. This makes it very hard to toe the line especially since most things are dripping with butter, fried or blackened.

My aim this morning is to show yall some of my favorite dishes. The ones that call to me as I try to be healthy.

At the top of my list is Drago’s Charbroiled Oysters. Some people may say yuck but what’s before you is butter, garlic, wine, and parm drenched gloriousness.charbroiled-oysters









Pizza Domenica is next on the list. Yes, that is a head of cauliflower. I don’t know wtf they do to it but my god you’ll eat the hell out of it. They also have an impressive pizza with clams…

bone-in ny ruth chrisI am also an avid steak lover and Ruth Chris has been the go to place for me. It’s usually a bday treat since it’s so expensive. A spread like this is just about 200 bucks, but the steak, ribeye, melts in your mouth. They also have the best hollandaise I’ve ever had.


Now for burgers and wings. Cowbell has the best burger I’ve ever eaten. Just look at it. LOOK AT IT. Wit’s Inn has fabulous Pesto Wings and MoPho, a Vietnamese restaurant, adds all kinds of sick flavor to theirs.

smoked oysterpoboy bevi seafoodThis is the last pic I’m gonna torture yall with. This is a smoked oyster po boy (bacon and gouda) from Bevi Seafood.






I can’t forget the gumbo, fried chicken, red beans, boiled crawfish and shrimp etc. God, I could go on, but I won’t.


New Orleans…drools. It’s the best place to be fat.


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  1. I lived in New Orleans briefly as a young’n, so I was (sadly) not old enough to remember eating anything close to those dishes. I think I need to move that city closer to the top of my “To Visit” list!

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