Ice Cream for Breakfast

Apparently Monday, Feb 4 is National Ice Cream for Breakfast day. Sign me up! For as long as I can remember ice cream has been one of my favorite foods (along with steamed clams, dark chocolate, good peaches- and now I’m hungry).13E191BC-5EF1-4C42-B64A-FDA4AFACD713.jpeg

Apparently I come by this love genetically, my father’s grandfather was a big ice cream guy. So’s my dad. In fact one of his favorite memories is of visiting his grandparents as a child and getting ice cream with his grandfather. Dad went back to Lowell as an older man to see if he could find his grandparents’ old house. It had been replaced by an ice cream parlor. No joke. Sounds perfect to me.

I have been known to eat as many as five bowls a day (when young and pregnant with my first child), to sneak out of my uncle’s vacation house so I wouldn’t have to listen to the complaints of “ice cream again”? (I was 48), and to have it for dinner more than once a year. Ice cream for breakfast is unusual for me.  I tried it last weekend, just to be warmed up for Monday.  You can’t be too careful about  breakfast.

I’m also a big fan of romance novels. I like historical fiction, non- fiction, biography, and now certain science fiction, but romance is my #1, always-there-for-me genre. I’m going to share a few of my favorites that I think I haven’t mentioned before. Forgive me if I have. I’m staring 50 in the eye, “the change” is wreaking havoc on my brain, and I haven’t had any ice cream today.

Listen came out Feb 1, but I got a legit sneak peek at it a bit back. It has stuck with me since. Lily is one of my favorite characters ever. At times you want to shake her, but then  she’s so sweet you just want to hug her, then she goes back to being frustrating again, much like people in real life. A7D5F906-7E95-473F-9F6A-43278B3106E0The story of her developing relationship with Hope kept me enthralled. I also really liked the setting in the world of music. I have little talent there and great appreciation.



Addison in Lyn Gardner’s Born Out of Wedlock seems like an ice queen, yet she is more distant than that and she is unapologetically angry. A755A840-8784-478A-8993-6230FEA3456AHer development as a character and the development of her relationship with Joanna have stuck with me since I read it. It’s one of those books that just doesn’t leave you alone after you finish reading it.


I just read The Music and the Mirror  by Lola Keeley. It’s a difficult book in some ways. There was a time when I danced 4-5 nights a week and dreamed of doing it professionally. Sadly, I am not genetically built for ballet (and I like ice cream too much, too).57D30049-40E5-4055-B382-EA751A853C09 The book doesn’t soft-pedal the nastiness that can exist in professional performance level dance. It’s difficult to read sometimes, yet so engaging. I just loved reading it. Warning, there is abuse of pain medication in this book and significant amounts of drinking and that is not for everyone. There is one image from the book that sticks in my mind- the description of a magazine publicity shot. It is so nicely described that the full picture sits on my brain.


Night Voice by CF Frizzell is another book where sensation sits with you long after the book is done. I can hear Murphy’s voice whenever I read the book.7B423392-2CEE-48C8-B986-F28B6E0E4971 The setting in Provincetown is, of course, magical, but it is Murphy’s voice and character that bring me back to the book again and again.

What are favorites of yours?




  1. Stephanie kusiak… Loved & Lost, talk about a story that sticks with you long after you have read it. This one does it in spades! It’s a bit difficult at the beginning because of the heavy topic right from the get go, But the further you read the more your drawn to the story and it’s main characters. It’s incredibly well written and my finger like many our crossed in hope for a sequel.


  2. I think Radclyffe’s Passion’s Bright Fury is my all-time favorite lesbian novel. I don’t know how to explain it, but I know when a relationship has that special magic, and this one does. I like both characters, and they’re both such individuals. And Radclyffe is the best at hospital romances!


  3. So hard for me to pick just one favourite novel. Really enjoyed Keeley’s and Gardner’s novels that you mention as well as Hayde’s and Margaret’s choices. Probably would give the nod to Turn Back Time as my favourite Radclyffe novel. I’m thinking some coffee ice cream or gelato just might give me that jump I need for my 8:00 am workout.


  4. So many favourites from years of lesfic. Have yet to read Kris Bryant’s books, but with all the positive reviews, they’re on my TBR list. I absolutely adore Lynn Galli’s Uncommon Emotions. Reading and re-reading it just makes me happy. The other Lynn Galli books are also very good. Also, having ice cream for breakfast is absolutely one of the perks of being an adult.


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