What do toothaches, bagels and pizza have in common?

A reader’s perspective on the random “National (blank) Day” of February 9. 

Last week, Ann Etter wrote about how her cravings for ice cream and specifically how February 4 is National eat ice cream for breakfast day (read it here). Yum! Of course I’ve been dreaming about how to justify making ice cream an appropriate food group for breakfast when Kim reminded me that all I would have to do is go to Fiji where she was given a side of ice cream every time she ordered pancakes! Again, yum! Of course that type of eating ice cream isn’t as sweet as when Lauren Pearce buys Grace Durand ice cream in Jae’s Damage Control.Damage Control (The Hollywood Series Book 2) by [Jae] Jae is a true connoisseur of  ice cream and her characters often enjoy some amazing flavors. Of course I’m usually stuck on chocolate, coffee or mint-chip and anything venturing past that is pretty exotic to me. But if you like ice cream you will love Jae’s book, Damage Control especially. Heck even if you don’t like ice cream you are going to love this story and all of Jae’s other stories as well! So, Ann got a fun February holiday but I found out that February 9 is National Toothache Day, National Bagel Day AND National Pizza Day! What a combination, but let’s have some fun with that shall we?

Let’s start with National Toothache Day! So if one has a toothache where would one go? The dentist of course! And Robin Alexander wrote an extremely funny dentist with Noel Savino in The Fall. The Fall by [Alexander, Robin]I love reading Robin Alexander because it is almost a guaranteed laugh and The Fall was no different. It is also a great story for Halloween as Noel and Sunny’s first interaction is in her dentist office and Noel is sporting some cat ears. The story is really sweet and will provide plenty of warm fuzzies on a cold winter day along with lots of laughter.

That leads us into National Bagel Day. For this I am going to have to apologize to Ann Etter in advance because I am sure she wanted to talk about this next story, Rachel Spangler’s In Development. In Development by [Spangler, Rachel] I really hope she still does, because I for one, would love to hear her side of how recording an audio book went! But alas I have to mention it because In Development has an AWESOME scene involving bagels when Cobie presents her kick butt new image to the world, wading through the press pack on her mission to buy bagels and coffee. It truly is a great scene as is the entire book PLUS there is an option to listen to Ann Etter narrate it if you choose the audio version.

Pizza is pretty much it’s own food group as it should be. Maybe because I love it so much or maybe because I eat it so often that it just seems natural when everyone else eats it including beloved characters in all these LesFic novels, but I honestly can’t remember one story where sharing a pizza pie was a pivotal part of the story. I’m actually a little embarrassed about this so I am hoping all you amazing readers out there, are going to help me out. What are some fun LesFic stories that have pizza? And of course I would love to hear more stories with ice cream, toothaches and bagels as well!


  1. I know I’ve read at least 2 or 3 books where pizza had an important role but I can’t remember what they were. However for Ice Cream, I would like to add Ashley Quinn – All That Glitters.

    And for toothache the best has to be Jae’s Coitus Interruptus Dentalis 😜. It’s a short story, not a novel but I thought it was great.

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    • Thanks CW for the ice cream and toothache recommendation! I haven’t read All That Glitters but I have read Coitus Interruptus Dentalis- that was a great follow-up short story to Good Enough to Eat. And I fully understand what you mean about the pizza as I know I’ve read some I just can’t remember them!! Thanks for reading!


  2. I can’t think of any LesFic stories featuring pizza. My mind goes to Callie and Arizona’s first date on Grey’s Anatomy (or maybe it was their second, technically). Those two wanting to make each other happy and realizing all they needed was pizza in bed is one of the sweetest moments ever.

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    • Sam is it horrible that I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy? I’ve heard great things about it though and maybe one year I will binge watch it.
      And there should totally be a shout-out to your Rocks and Stars for ice cream! Thanks for reading.


  3. Oh, Erin, you need to include one of my all-time favorite first kisses from one of my all-time favorite lesfics. Kylie and Gretchen have their first kiss after the office pizza and champagne party in “Too Close to Touch.” Epic first kiss! *fans self* (The pizza might be an innocent bystander here, but it was the first book that came to mind.)


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