Ask the Pros by Angela Grace

Since the midterms, my wife and I have enjoyed watching the newly elected women as well as the tried and true, such as Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Stabenow, and Amy Klobuchar.  They are commanding respect, working for the people and making most women very proud.

Even though many things are going in the right direction because more women are affecting the outcomes of policy, we realize that they can not be expected to do all the work.

Last Fall, we read in the Washington Post about women around the country who gather to send postcards to their elected leaders and members of the government.  They meet weekly in homes, in businesses, at coffee shops and any place they can gather conducive to writing out postcards. And, they are actually hand writing their messages, making them personal. They use postcards because postcards don’t go through a lengthy screening process, the messaging can be more immediate.

According to the article, the postcards are effective. Effective to send strong messages to our political leaders asking for action or to express appreciation for their efforts. It is also effective in providing a place for women to vent their frustrations and give them hope.

My wife and I loved the idea so much, that we have decided to start our own postcard club in West Michigan.  It will be a place for women, particularly lesbian women, to gather to discuss the state of our nation, to write to those with power who can affect the outcome of policy.

For us, the postcard club will be more than writing our leaders.  It will be a place for lesbian women to gather, to build relationships, too strength our resolve on the things that matter to all women, to all citizens.

What do you think? Would you attend a postcard club in your neighborhood?  Check out the Washington Post article, there just may be a postcard club near you.   Or, you can start your own!  Tell us what you are doing to support the newly elected women as well as the tried and true.

Angela Grace




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