To All the Movies I’ve Loved Before

I woke up this morning with the theme song from the Love Jones movie playing in my head. Love Jones is a classic film of Black cinema, an ode to slam poetry, and just a fab, feel-good film about love. If you haven’t seen it already, check it out. The whole soundtrack is great and puts me in a love-happy frame of mind. And since today is Valentine’s Day, I figure I’ll just go ahead and make this blog all about romantic movies. Specifically, some of the girl-loves-girl films I’ve enjoyed (and one that I’m still processing my reaction to) over the years.



When Night is Falling – Most of my friends know of my obsession with this bad movie. It’s one of the first lesbian movies I saw after I came out. That’s not the only reason I enjoy it, though. The cinematography is gorgeous and the woman who plays Petra, the circus performer who seduces the French-Canadian theology professor, is absolutely delicious. Just don’t ask about the dog resurrection scene at the end.

The World Unseen – This is one of two movies I could see over and over again starring the Indian-Canadian actress, Lisa Ray. The World Unseen is a period piece, set in 1950’s Cape Town and wades into the muddy waters of apartheid South Africa. The love story between a progressive shop-owner and a sheltered housewife is exquisitely filmed, and just plain exquisite.

I Can’t Think Straight – Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth pair up again for a more contemporary story of women meets woman romance. Bold and audacious Tala is about to get married and shy Leyla is dating a man. But that doesn’t stop the sparks from flying between the two women. This has all the queer girl romance plus English accents!

pariahPariah – I loved this movie when it first came out in 2011 and I love it still. Teenage, masculine- presenting lesbian Alike (Ah-lee-kay) navigates complicated family dynamics, romantic love, and her lesbian identity in this seriously wonderful coming of age movie set in black Brooklyn.

Drool – According to IMDB, “An abused wife accidentally kills her husband and takes off across the country with her best friend and the corpse.” But this barely begins to describe the awesomeness that has Jill Marie Jones (from the TV series “Girlfriends”) as the fun, hella make-up wearing neighbor and eventual lover of said abused housewife. Surreal, quirky, and hilarious.

Below_Her_Mouth_posterBelow Her Mouth – So…. The BFF and I watched this in a constant state of WTF. We didn’t know what to expect when we cued it up, but what we got was a lot of girl-on-girl sex. Butch roofer Dallas (played by Swedish androgynous model, Erika Linder) seduces seemingly straight and engaged Jasmine. What follows is an hour and a half of non-stop sex and nudity which ends happily if somewhat quickly. Did I like it? I’m not sure. Would I watch it again, for science? Of course.

That said, there are a few movies out there that I haven’t gotten around to seeing yet that are on my list. Some of them (not all of them are romance) are listed below. If you’d seen them and enjoyed (or were horrified by them), let me know. I’m always ready for a girl/girl movie binge watch.

Duck Butter
Firefly (Colombian)
Girl King (Swedish)
Gypsy (a series on Netflix)
Kiss Me / Kyss Mig (Swedish)
Princess Cyd
Summer Time (French)
The Summer of Sangaile (Lithuanian)


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  1. I’ve printed your post in order to refer to your list of films. I loved “When Night is Falling.”

    Have you seen ENTRE NOUS (very subtle,) ROBIN’S HOOD, IMAGINE ME AND YOU, or SAVING FACE? All enjoyable imho.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Fiona!

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    • Happy Love Day to you, Renee!

      I vaguely remember seeing Imagine Me and You but can’t recall what I thought about it. Saving Face, I loved (totally should’ve included it!), Entre Nous I haven’t seen but will add to my list, thanks!


  2. Imagine me and You and Fingersmith are two of my favorites But I have to say I really do love the sheer magic of When Night is Falling ( that circus and the dog)! I agree with all your choices, but I did have an issue with Below Her Mouth, WTF exactly!!! But it is what it is, and definitely not horrible to watch, LOL!!!

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    • Ah, Fingersmith… I *did* like that one. Have you seen the South Korean adaptation of the book called The Handmaiden? So, SO good. That’s another movie I forgot to add to my list!

      For a long time, When Night is Falling was my absolute favorite lesbian film. It might still be, now that I think about it. The cheesy line when they’re drinking whiskey (?) from those funky glasses in Petra’s trailer. The laundromat scene. Petra’s utter fearlessness in her pursuit of the professor. So many good things!

      Below Her Mouth. Gah! I’m still wondering what the title even means.


  3. The World Unseen and I Can’t Think Straight are in my top five! Those two actresses are incredible together.

    Sarah Waters adaptations are always fun. Fingersmith was one of the first ones I saw.

    Pariah has been on my list. Thanks for writing about it…I need to sit down and watch it!

    Kiss Me/Kiss Myg is, in my opinion, excellent. The acting is great and the love scenes are so well done. Have you seen Professor Marston and the Wonder Women? It does feature a polyamorous relationship between two women and a man, but the women are given equal, dare I say more screen time and depth to their love. It’s a fun watch.

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    • Yes, Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth are absolutely amazing together. I wish there were more (queer) movies out in the world featuring both women for me to enjoy.

      I have not heard of Professor Marston and the Wonder Women before. Now that I have, I will check it out. Thanks! I sense a long night/day of movie watching in my very near future.


  4. Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth…sigh. I could watch those two fall in love over and over again.

    I’ve seen “Kiss Me” and thought it was rather cute and sexy.

    One of my personal favs is 2004’s “The Journey” Such a gorgeous piece of cinema.

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