Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions, Feb.-Mar. 2019

HI, friends! So…wow. Here we are in the middle of February already (wtf). The good news is, MOAR BOOKZ to add to your reading lists! WOOOOOOO!

And if you’re into that whole Valentine’s Day thingie, well, pretty sure you’ll find some romance on here…hmmm…yep. You will. And even if you’re not into Valentine’s Day but you like romance, well, there you go.


Apropos of nothing, remember that movie Silence of the Lambs with Jodie Foster as an FBI agent and Anthony Hopkins as a serial killer who provides insights while Jodie’s trying to track another serial killer? That opened on Valentine’s Day and that’s how I spent that day that year. Taking myself to that movie. LOL

Point being, whatever you wanna do on Valentine’s Day, have fun. And yeah, I know. This posted the day after, but some people really get into it. Heh.

Anyway! If you have a book coming out or you know of someone who does, let us know! Just hit us up on the contact link, above. In the subject line, make sure you let us know it’s a book to be added to our book lists. Include in the message body the book’s author, the book’s title, and a buy or info link. That’s all we need. Nothing else. 😀

Happy reading!

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