Women and Words Podcast, Feb. 16-21, 2019

Toddler bags, plus, penguins are pretty fluid

Hello, dahlings!

Andi struggles to keep Jove on track but then joins her in the weeds as they ponder reality TV, trigger warnings, Rachel Weisz (because seriously, who wouldn’t), ants and other bugs, and writing from the not-so-happy places in your mind.

16 Feb.: Women and Wordster Danielle Zion brings up some books that deal with a reality TV theme. Check ’em out.

17 Feb.: Author Alison Solomon talked about re-doing one of her books and trigger warnings and did a giveaway! See the deets.

18 Feb.: Author, Adventurer, and Women and Wordster Stevie Carroll brings us a report from the UK’s spec fic fancon Redemption, held in Sheffield. Photos included.

19 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Ashley Bartlett discusses siblings and finding some family. Join us in crying.

20 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Clifford Mae Henderson has some thoughts on ants. Trust us. You’ll see.

21 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle wonders about writing depressing and/or painful topics, and about whether authors who are going through things like that are able to write it. Ponder with us.

22 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Erin Zak talks about music, and how it has shaped her. Also, check out the cool playlist she included.


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