There is a Boy in Peru

There is a boy in Peru who has my heart.

He is not tall. He is not trim.

He is not great at reading and he has not yet learned to swim.

He sports a tan. His hair is black. His eyes are brown.

In his country, what he has is labeled Síndrome de Down.


There is a boy in Peru who has my heart.

He has trouble with emotions. He has trouble tying his shoes.

He’d rather watch novelas than the boring nightly news.

His toys must be lined up and his plate must be full.

He requires individual attention each day during school.


There is a boy in Peru who has my heart.

He loves fútbol and spends hours playing Hide and Seek.

He adores his country and the weather, which is never bleak.

He loves his family and his music and always loves to dance,

Anyone else cutting a rug seriously doesn’t stand a chance.


There is a boy in Peru who has my heart.

Though my time with him was short in the grander scheme of things,

He’s still my hermanito querido no matter how many miles we are apart.


This fell on to the page when I went to write my blog for this month. I believe this stemmed from two things. The first: Peace Corps Week, which ended March 2. Serving 27 months in Peru changed my life in more ways than I am often able to articulate. My youngest host brother, Diego Martín, was a shining light during my time in the desert city of Ica. The second place this post came from: his birthday was on March 6. He turned twelve and according to my host mom, is as much of a trouble maker as ever. I wanted to share his brightness and joy for life with the world.



  1. My adventure in Peru was as a tourist. The people were kind. helpful and very fun. They were very talented and the picture I bought remind me the good time I had.


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