A reader’s wondering thoughts while recovering from anesthesia.

I had surgery yesterday and apparently, I am not easy to wake up. As I sat in my hospital bed sticking my tongue out and thinking that I was making super coherent words and providing incredibly thought-provoking contributions to human consciousness, my wife was standing patiently by trying not to laugh. Finally, with some chocolate pudding buzzing in my bloodstream I was awake enough that they let me leave. I dressed, with a lot of assistance from my wife, in my comfy clothes including my amazing unicorn sweatshirt. Don’t be jealous, but yes, I have a sweatshirt with a beautiful unicorn profiled by a colorful rainbow on the back of it. It gives me warm fuzzies to wear. Literally and figuratively.

Let’s talk about the figuratively part though. Why can’t I find more of these amazing creatures in our stories? I have found a couple references and I absolutely love them, but why have they not become as prominent as werewolves and vampires? They are mythical too. I think. Has anyone ever seen a unicorn? I would love to hear that story! So just to give you a taste of how great they can be when they appear in stories, let’s talk about the one’s I’ve found them in and you all can add some more!!

Promises, Promises: A Romp with Plenty of Dykes, a Unicorn, an Ogre, an Oracle, a Quest, a Princess, and True Love with a Happily Ever After by [Baker, L-J]First up, I learned how to catch one! Just in case I run across one or a herd of them, L-J Baker explains this process in Promises, Promises. I’ve had a great time listening to this story. As the rest of the cover description promises it is “a romp with plenty of dykes, a unicorn, an ogre, a quest, a princess, and a true love with a happily ever after” that is very entertaining. The narration is wonderful in the many different voices that are created, but the story itself fits perfectly with my sarcastic sense of humor. Plus, there’s a unicorn!!

Now, I might not love unicorns as much as Holly in Bridget Essex’s Date Knight by [Essex, Bridget]Date Knight, as in I don’t have unicorn lights and mugs and such, but some unicorn color in the house is always appreciated. Plus, Holly gets to travel to another world where they DO have unicorns AND she gets to see one!  Date Knight is the sequel to A Knight to Remember and both are wonderful reads involving knights, adventure and of course unicorns!

Alright! That’s what I’ve got, what do you have? What amazing LesFic stories out there have unicorns? I can’t wait to find out. And since my wife is encouraging me not to ramble too much until all the anesthesia has worn off, I’ll wish everyone a magical weekend!


    • Sacchi Green that would be amazing!! I just finished reading Wild Rides and if you can do for unicorns what you did for dragons it would be awesome!!!! I can’t wait!! Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh. My. God!! How was I not aware of these books? Erin you are officially my favorite person of the day! I love all things unicorn. It’s not lesfic, but if you aren’t already aware of the “Phoebe and Her Unicorn” comic, you need to be. Dana Simpson has been drawing it for several years now. She is a transwoman. One of the characters in her strip has lesbian moms. Also there is a movie coming out next week called “The Unicorn Store” starring Captain Marvel, I mean Brie Larson. It looks terrific. thanks again for the steer to these fun sounding books.

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  2. Thanks justdar826! It’s always fun to be someones favorite person!! And though these books have mention of a unicorn they don’t feature them. I would be super excited to read what Sacchi Green could do with her idea!! Thanks for reading and have a magical day!


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