The only good thing about Monday mornings by Rosie Steele

Lesfic Now banner.pngPicture this. It’s Monday morning and you’ve just arrived at work. You sit down at your desk and turn on your computer with a sigh, wishing you could hold off a little longer on diving into your work for the week.

Your computer dings. You have a new email. Who’s this sender? Lesfic Now? You frown, confused. You open the email, and your heart lifts as you recall the website where you signed up for lesfic deals and new releases. You didn’t know your favorite author had a new book out! In fact, all of the books this week look so good!

Your Monday morning is a little brighter, and you’ll look forward to the next email all week.

All cheesiness aside, what is Lesfic Now and where did we come from?

Lesfic Now sampler coverLesfic Now is a lesbian fiction newsletter that first started in 2018 as part of Sweet & Spicy Gay Romance Deals ( Our goal was to provide a place for readers to find M/M and F/F e-book deals and new releases. We had two separate newsletters since we knew not everyone who reads lesfic enjoys gay romance, and vice versa.

Recently, we at Lesfic Now decided to branch off and focus on F/F romance. The F/F newsletter rebranded with a new name and a super-cute logo.

How is Lesfic Now different from other newsletters?

We offer a curated list of 3-4 e-books every week, mostly romance. We also feature other genres, as long as they have an LGBT female lead character. Many of the books are in Kindle Unlimited, which we indicate in the newsletter. We send you both deals and new releases, offering you a handy way to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in lesfic now (get it?).

Lesfic Now goes out every Monday morning. You also get a free lesbian fiction sampler when you subscribe!

Rosie Steele is a F/F author and editor who’s been self-publishing e-books since 2013. Aside from LGBT literature, she’s also passionate about animals, tea, and yoga.