Women and Words podcast, March 16-21, 2019

It’s time to plant your potatoes, people!

Andi and Jove had crazy weeks. Andi’s on the road and Jove is just…Jove. So happy St. Patrick’s Day! Also, gray hair can be awesome. So can hot springs. And if you’re going to be a judge in a book contest, maybe you should act out scenes to see how the narrative flows. Or something.

16 Mar.: Women and Wordster Danielle Zion did a reader’s perspective and provided some Irish-themed titles in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! Go check ’em out!

17 Mar.: Author Ann Roberts came by to talk about her latest work, Screen Kiss and its film themes and to do a giveaway! Woo! Here you go.

18 Mar.: Author, Women and Wordster, and explorer Stevie Carroll took a walk around Preston’s Parks. Go check out her fab photos and fun history tips!

19 Mar.: Author and Women and Wordster Ash Bartlett has discovered two gray hairs on her head and it causes her to ponder youth, sexism, and heteronormativity. Go see how.

20 Mar.: Author and Women and Wordster Clifford Mae Henderson just did an improv retreat at the fabulous Esalan Institute in Big Sur. We are all envious.

21 Mar.: Author and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle is serving as a cookbook judge for a competition and wonders what would happen if the same process were applied to novels, e.g. Check it out.

Also, Andi noted that Sacchi Green is doing a blog tour and stopped at her site with an excerpt and giveaway! The whole blog tour is featuring a giveaway of a variety of books n’ swag! So go get signed up and read some steamy excerpts! Start with Andi’s — she’s got the schedule for the others! (which include Cheyenne Blue, Beth Burnett, Annette Mori, and KD Williamson, R.G. Emanuelle, and Women and Words!

AND! Jove will be doing an event with Ann Roberts (see above) March 31, 1-5 PM in Portland at Taborspace! That’s the Literary Lesbians! More info HERE.