Fangirl Friday: Go see Captain Marvel right now (10 reasons)

HI, friends! So I told you all the beginning of March to go see Captain Marvel before it dropped, and posted trailers and some articles to peruse because it looked so good and awesome and…


Okay, okay. I might be biased, as I’ve been a Captain Marvel fan for a long-ass time and I was looking forward to seeing what Marvel would do with it. Not only that, but I think Brie Larson is kind of awesome and I also think Lashana Lynch is awesome, too, as Maria Rambeau (CAN WE PLEASE HAVE MARIA GET HER OWN SUPERHERO OR ACTION MOVIE OMG) and Akira Akbar as Monica, Maria’s 11-year-old daughter and Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury…I CANNOT WITH THE AWESOME THAT IS THIS MOVIE.

Okay. So. This is an origin story, about how hotshot pilot Carol Danvers ended up among the Kree — a technologically advanced human-like species — with no memory of who she is, and how she acquired her powers. The Kree are in a perpetual war with the hated Skrulls, a species that can shapeshift into anything or anybody, which makes it difficult, obviously, to track them. She’s a Kree soldier when the movie opens, and during a mission gone wrong, She ends up back on Earth, but then realizes that her backstory is part of this mission, and…wtf? It’s a helluva ride, friends.

And rather than just break down the plot and all of that, I’m just gonna give you one of my 10 things lists. LET’S GO!

1. Brie Larson. She totally captured the essence of Carol Danvers and, by extension, Captain Marvel. Kind of an understated brashness, but also warmth and humor and exuberance. She owned this role, and I’m really stoked to see her bring Captain Marvel to the next Avengers film(s) as well as in another one of her own. Let us hope!

2. The buddy film motif between Larson’s Danvers and Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury. I mean, this was some great rapport and I loved watching these two interact. Hell, I would watch them sit on a stage and read a grocery list, the rapport was so good. And I love it when there’s a dude and a woman as buddies who get shit done without a romantic subplot.

I mean…


3. Danvers’ relationship with flight buddy Maria Rambeau. And a million F/F fanfics were launched… lolol These two were BFFs before Carol ended up with the Kree, and omg the few shots we had of them sitting in fighter jets…I CANNOT. Their rapport was amazing, too. Monica, Maria’s 11-year-old daughter, refers to Carol as “Auntie Carol,” and damn, all the feels. There is also something really empowering about two strong women who are so tight (without an overt romance). We see that dynamic all the time in guy buddy flicks. I love when we see it between women.

And. Just sayin’.


Also — and we didn’t get much of this — it was so cool watching Maria and Carol interacting with Monica, and how she, too, was given agency. She’s smart, articulate, and clearly a badass in the making. Great representation.

4. It’s set in 1995. Okay, fine. Some of y’all aren’t gonna get this shit cuz you were BORN in the 90s, but for all us olds who lived through them, Captain Marvel is a walk down nostalgia lane. And I do hope that the movie brings a whole new generation to Nine Inch Nails fandom! YEAH!

I actually never stopped dressing like this…

As an aside, NIN teamed up with the Marvel folks and put out a limited edition tee in honor of the movie. You can check it out HERE. Not that I’m enabling you or anything…

Anyway, setting it in 1995…it just worked. Also, aging SLJ backwards…that was kind of weird, seeing him as he was in the 90s. De-aging tech, friends. Read a bit about SLJ and that HERE.

5. The soundtrack. OMG. Y’all, this movie brings it IN. It’s an homage to the 90s, and it added so much delicious-ness. Here are a few of the songs: Salt n’ Pepa (with En Vogue), “What a Man“; Elastica, “Connection“; Republica, “Ready to Go“; Garbage, “Only Happy When It Rains“; Hole, “Celebrity Skin“; No Doubt, “Just a Girl.” Go ahead. Have a listen. I love me some music, y’all. 🙂

6. Fight scenes. It’s a superhero movie. And this movie has awesome grrl power fight scenes. I think that’s important for girls and women, is to see that they, too, can experience a powerful physicality, that they can be athletic and strong, that it’s a beautiful thing.

7. No romantic subplot. Look, I’m not a heartless asshole. I like romance. FFS, I write it. But there’s something so refreshing about a movie with a female lead who does her own thing, is her own person, and doesn’t need a romance to drive the plot. I’ll get a bit meta — doesn’t need a romance with a dude to drive the plot. And fine! I shipped Carol with Marie! WHATEVER! But there was no overt romance between them (just a lot of care and affection), and I loved it. It’s so great for women to have agency without a romantic subplot.

8. Goose. I’m not going to tell you much about Goose except he’s a subtle but integral part of the plot and steals some scenes. For those of you who follow Captain Marvel comics, you know what the deal is here. LOL

Regardless, it was hilarious watching Nick Fury get all goo-goo ga-ga over a cat. So endearing!

9. Dialogue. Again, I don’t want to give much away, but Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), the leader of the Skrulls — great lines, great delivery. Same with SLJ and Brie Laron. And that’s another cool thing about this movie, is the shifting terrain of good guy/bad guy. Who’s the real bad guy? Who’s the real good guy? Depends who you ask. Some cool moral gray areas here. The original storyline of the Kree-Skrull war was written by Roy Thomas back in the 70s, and he envisioned both groups as basically assholes duking it out with each other. I like that, too, but in the movie, we get some explorations of perceptions and how those can play out in animosities. At any rate, the dialogue added a lot to characterization, and to other characters’ perceptions of Kree and Skrull, I would argue. And it’s clever, too, how some of the lines Talos says are clues to other things down the line. Good stuff!

10. WOMEN REPRESENT! For that alone, see it. Powerful women kicking ass, taking names, saving the world. That right there should be enough to get you to the theater. Or catch it when it’s released onto other media. But just do yourselves a favor and see it.

Happy Friday, and…

Higher, Further, Faster!


  1. ermagerd! Andi, you nailed it with your review of Captain Marvel.. Loved that movie for all the reasons you mentioned.. Would gladly go and see it again.


  2. Loved it both times for all the reasons you mentioned. My wife and I are comic book dorks (proud of it) and really loved Kelly Sue DeConnick’s take on Captain Marvel. Monica Rambeau does become a super hero, at least in comic book land. Photon and/or Pulsar. Fingers crossed we get to see it.


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