Andi here. I’ll be headed to ClexaCon next week! WOOOO! For those who are not in the know, that’s the largest LGBTQ women and allies media conference in probably the world thus far (I’m sure there will be others soon that will also be huge! QUEERPOWER, Y’ALL!). Last year’s head count was about 4500. This year will probably be bigger; I’m estimating about 6000.

Here’s what I’ve got going on this year at CC:

  • Dirt Road Books vendor table! Come on by and say “hi” and chit-chat and look at a few books, grab some stickers and maybe candy (I WILL GIVE YOU CANDY).
  • I’ll be moderating what we have come to affectionately call the “Queer Lady Business” panel, which brings Tello Films, Fangirl Shirts, and Revry TV. We generally have a good time on this panel, so if you’re around, hope you can make it.
  • I’m participating on a panel discussing lesbian fiction publishing, but things may be up in the air on that as 2 of the panelists may not be able to make it. We shall see.
  • A live LezGeekOut! podcast show with my co-host, Lise MacTague!
  • I’m also participating in a Clexa roundtable with one of the writers from the TV show The 100 (pronounced “the hundred”). “Clexa” is the iconic ship between The 100 character Clarke Griffin and Commander Lexa. And yes, ClexaCon is named in honor of that ship.
  • GCLS (Golden Crown Literary Society) will also have a table, and I’ll be hanging out there for a bit on Saturday sharing happy fun times! STOP BY!

There’s tons of info about ClexaCon at its website. It originally launched in 2017, following the really stupid and shitty death of the Commander Lexa character in The 100 in fulfillment of that godawful douchey bury the gays trope. I wrote about that at my personal site, if you’re interested.

The death of that character sparked a movement (Lexa Deserved Better) about queer rep in media, and called attention to how many queer characters were killed off in recent years, and thus ClexaCon was born, and now it’s sort of a phenomenon, bringing all kinds of actors like Kat Barrell and Dominque Provost-Chalkley of the WayHaught ship (Wynonna Earp); Nafessa Williams, who plays lesbian superhero character Anissa Pierce/Thunder in Black Lightning; Caity Lotz, who plays bi character Sara Lance in Legends of Tomorrow, and many jillions more! There are also great panels discussing rep in media, breaking into media, workshops, cosplay, discussions, gaming, and…holy crap, shit-tons more.

GO SEE!!!!

So right now, I’m super-busy getting all our stuff together and also all the fan tees I’ll be wearing (lol so stylin’!). Still trying to figure out footwear…hmmm…


Anyway, if you’re going, stop by the Dirt Road Books table and say hi! If I’m not there, I’ll leave notice as to where exactly I’ll be along with how to DM me:

Instagram: @andimarquette
Twitter: @andimarquette
Tumblr: @andimarquette

I know. So mysterious. And if you have any questions about ClexaCon, just drop me a line here at W&W or DM me at the media above OR you can also find me on Facebook.

Happy Friday, all!


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