Elevator Encounter

I decided that I would use this month’s post to reflect on the past year. See, one year ago I published my first novel. It’s been one heckuvah year since I got to hold that physical copy of my book in my hands and watch it go out into the world.

The first prominent memory is my publisher’s acceptance email in 2017. I remember receiving the email, now a beautiful blur of the most wonderful words a writer can hear. I was reading said email on my phone, which I nearly dropped as I ran into the next room squealing and jumping around like my Jack Russell when he sees a squirrel. Alyssa, my girlfriend, frantically asked, “What in the world is going on? Are you okay?” Boy, was I more than okay.

Since that day, I have learned A LOT about the publishing world. That learning experience continues as the release date of my second novel draws near. The biggest upside, I must say, of joining a publishing house and diving headfirst into the Lesfic world is the people.

I have met so. many. people. So many amazing, wonderful humans who I never knew existed. Like the people on this website! Which I get to contribute to! Amazing.

Also, who knew there were so many conferences out there created solely for lesbian writers? Prior to 2018 I certainly had no idea. Since last April, I have attended two such conferences; GCLS and LCLC. Both of these events were eye-opening and truly extraordinary. Before then, the closest I’d come to being in a room packed full with lesbians was a Xena convention I attended back in 2009. Now though, everyone at the conference is a writer (or avid reader), like me! We have common interests and goals and there ARE SO MANY OF US!

I am still stoked, y’all.

I bet you’re wondering when my blog title is going to come into play. Well, at GCLS in Las Vegas last year I had the pleasure of meeting many a writer I’d long admired. My publisher (Bold Strokes) had a mixer which allowed a more intimate setting to chit-chat with Radclyffe, Missouri Vaun, Aurora Rey and many others. At one point in the evening somebody asked if there was anyone in particular I would like to meet. I glanced at my girlfriend, who gave me an encouraging nod, and I squeaked out, “Georgia Beers?” Somebody said, “I’ll be right back,” and for the next ten seconds I didn’t breathe until Georgia Beers was standing before me saying hello.

Life, am I right?

But the elevator! After another day at GCLS came and went, my girlfriend and I were basking in the glow that comes from spending so much time with like-minded women in addition to a recent silent auction win. We were happily bubbling with glee in an elevator with our auction spoils when the door opened and there appeared Georgia Beers. If it wasn’t clear from my last paragraph, I am a fan of her writing. Handling myself in a room full of colleagues at a cocktail hour was one thing. Managing my fangirl emotions inside a 4×5 metal box with my girlfriend, one of my favorite writers, and an armful of wine from the Pacific Northwest? Nearly impossible.

Sadly, I don’t remember much from that elevator ride. My girlfriend says I managed to stammer a greeting and Georgia (bless her) started a conversation about our newly-won items. Alyssa claims that on a scale of 1 to Horribly Embarrassing I landed on about a four. I happily accept that.

This occurrence was one of many mind-blowing experiences I’ve had since my first book was released. Being a writer was something I dreamed about since I could hold pencil to paper. Being a lesbian fiction author who gets to share the same time and space as all of you wonderful readers and writers? Priceless.


  1. It never gets old Sam. You’ll go to more cons and see them all again and they’ll remember you. And then, one day it will happen, you’ll be that author someone can’t wait to meet too. I still marvel at the ‘big names’ in lesfic who I speak with at least weekly over Facebook and Twitter, about just normal, everyday things. It’s an amazing community of authors, book bloggers and readers we live in.

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