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I choose to live life with the thought that one can achieve his or her dreams at any age. When we are younger, we are full of aspirations of who we are going to be and how we are going to do it, but as we age, life has a way of giving us responsibilities that might take us on a new path.

However, it is up to us whether we can embrace the changes as they come and continue to live life as the fullest. This can be difficult at times, but for those that take this path, it can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

I spent many hours trying to figure out how to put this concept into words, and after a lot of imagination and a bit of work Starting Again was written. I used this book to show how relationships can change with time and how people that might have been given a hard hand in life can still get back up and achieve a new beginning. I felt like it was important to include information on the main character’s work lives, family lives, and personal lives as we don’t live in a fairy tale world where these things don’t coincide.

As each character went on their individual journey in the book, I felt myself grow apprehensive about what would happen to them and what decisions they would make. The words seemed to flow as I continued to write their stories, and when I got to the end, I was just as surprised as anyone else to realize their fates. I think that it is important as a writer to feel what each character feels while writing the story and to embrace each step of development that it takes to get there. The characters are not perfect people, but who is? I wanted to create characters that the readers could identify with no matter who they were or where they were in life, and I feel like I achieved that.

Starting Again turned out to be a journey not only for me but for my readers. I enjoyed the time that I spent on this book, and I realized more and more about myself as I wrote it. I encourage you to read Starting Again to see if it has the same affect on you.

You might be wondering what this book is about. It’s in the romantic genre and focuses on two characters, Lynn and Macy. Macy is a single woman that finds herself the custodial guardian of her best friend’s child after he passes away, and Lynn is a single mother just trying to get by. As the two go on their individual journeys, they find themselves growing close to each other, and they learn to cope with the meaning of happiness and true love.

I’m giving away one free audiobook for those that comment on this column. I am excited to hear from you about a time that you started again.


  1. In 2017 I lost what I thought at the time was my dream job. My wife and I were both really stressed and depressed. I began applying for new jobs and came across a posting for TSA. I read up on it, not being a traveler myself, and found that most people did not like the TSA for various reasons. I went to the site and found the job description and discovered that this work lined up with what I wanted for a career. To Help keep people safe. I applied and 5 months later was going in for orientation where an oath was taken and a promise was made by all of us who sat in that room. Now a year later I love the work I do and feel purpose driven when getting ready in the morning. My work may upset some folks but that’s just because they don’t realize that what I do is to actually protect them. I may only be a deterrent to people who want to do harm but as long as no harm is being done I’ll keep doing it. I’m glad I picked myself back up and continued to look for work. Now I’m in a field that I love all because I had to start over.

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  2. My Starting Again story began 4 years ago, when I started my life of sobriety. I was on a downward spiral and an event opened my eyes that I needed to improve my health and my life. So March 4th, 2015 was my Starting Again date. Thank you for offering this chance to win your book!

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  3. I’m at the start line for starting again now. I’ve recently retired and although I was not defined by my job I spent a lot of hours in a week doing it. I also spent a good deal of time away from home for overnights. We are adjusting to me being home and the sudden freedom. I say recently…. where has the last year gone!!

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  4. I just started over with a “second career” after a painful breakup. So far, I love it and am very excited for the new opportunity and possibilities it brings. Your book sounds interesting. I can’t wait to read/listen to it.

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