Women and Words podcast, Apr. 13-19, 2019

Cooties, queer spaces, and ClexaCon

Y’all, Jove has MOAR COOTIES WTF. These cooties are particularly shitty because they stole most of her voice. Bastards. So Andi muddled through with various noises from Jove (you’re all welcome), spouting about beta readers, cool literary festivals, links between acting and writing, subways, and ClexaCon. Also, Branwell Brönte might’ve been a jerk.

13 Apr.: Women and Wordster Erin Saluta brought up beta readers, of which she is one. Get the 411

14 Apr.: Author Nicole Higgenbotham-Hogue stopped by to chat about her latest release, Starting Again, and to offer a free audiobook! Check it out.

15 Apr.: Author, Women and Wordster, and explorer Stevie Carroll attended the Huddersfield Literature Festival which had a really cool thing. Go see.

16 Apr.: Author and Women and Wordster Ash Bartlett has a convo with Andi Marquette. Go see how it turned out. And plz admire Ash’s Venn Diagram kthx.

16 Apr.: Call for Submissions! ImageOutWrite literary journal Vol. 8 is looking for prose and poetry. Deadline June 15. Hit this link for deets.

17 Apr.: Author and Women and Wordster (and sometime guru) Clifford Mae Henderson talks about the links between acting and writing, and feeling other people’s feelings. Let us ponder.

18 Apr.: Author and Women and Wordster and culinary queen R.G. Emanuelle takes us on a brief trip via NYC’s subway/bus system, and points out the stories you will find therein.

19 Apr.: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette attended ClexaCon in Vegas Apr. 11-15. It definitely did not go like last year. Find out why.

AND! The Women and Words books lists are up!

Remember, GCLS (The Golden Crown Literary Society) will be holding its 15th conference in Pittsburgh, PA this year July 10-14.