Fun Stuff Friday

Hi, friends!

I’ve been on the road and I’m completely exhausted and fried and I couldn’t figure out what to blog about and some of the more serious things on my mind I just didn’t have the energy to deal with, so I thought instead I’d do one of my Fun Stuff Fridays because jfc, we all need some fun stuff in these dystopic and bleak times, amirite?

So here we go!

1. Shazam! the movie.

Seriously. Go see this. It’s a romp, it’s sweet, it’s redemptive, it has great dialogue and some wonderful representation and omg, the foster family rocks. Even if you don’t have a history with Shazam!, you’ll be able to follow the story. Take your kids. Especially your ‘tweens.

Link, in case embed disappears.

2. Cards Against Humanity

When was the last time you had your friends over for pizza and a game night? If you’re irreverent like me, Cards Against Humanity is the shizzle for you. You can buy it or make your own for about $10. Guaranteed laughs.

Check it out.

3. People in T-Rex Costumes doing things

Almost every video I see that involves someone in a T-Rex costume doing ridiculous things makes me laugh until I cry. Here are some examples:

T-Rex snow fight
T-Rex family waits for human offspring at bus (I love that they all dressed up)
Iowa State marching band goes T-Rex
T-Rex and dog (omg when they’re watching TV…)

Okay, I’ll stop now. Just websearch T-Rex funny videos for more.

4. Dancing (or just enjoy music)

Do it. Get your fave dance tunes and shake your groove thang all over your house or at the gym or outside or wherever the hell. Just dance.

Here’s one of my fave vids in that regard, because you are never too old to dance or to move a little or to just sit back and enjoy music.

5. Podcasts

I’ve really gotten into podcasts. Seems weird that it took me this long, since I have a background in radio, but DERP here we are! Here are 5 you might enjoy:

My Favorite Murder: true crime discussion, laughs, therapy, good vibes, support–the Murderino fan club chapters are doing  amazing and community-minded things!
Sooo Many White Guys: comedian Phoebe Robinson with a variety of guests.
Anzálduing It: two BFFs who are queer and Latinx. Angélica Becerra and Jackie Cáraves are hilarious but also discuss important issues.
Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me: some of you may know this from NPR, but it’s a great, funny take on the world and incorporates fun games and guests. Fast-paced, quips, laughs.
Queery with Cameron Esposito: standup comic Esposito talks with all kinds of LGBTQ peeps and allies.

6. Fanfic

Y’all. Srsly. If you lurk in any fandoms and are into F/F fiction (or whatever ships), try fanfic. My go-to for reading and writing fanfic is Archive of Our Own, where you can find pretty much any ship you want. If you’re new to fanfic and have no idea what I’m talking about, here is an explainer. And here is a handy guide someone posted on Medium, that helps explain it and provides some site recommendations.

7. Effin’ Birds

I discovered Effin’ Birds on Twitter and since then, have ordered myself a couple of mugs and sent others as gifts. Snarky, irreverent, hilarious. Effin’ Birds is perfect. Behold two examples:


I mean. How could you not? Check out the wares.

8. Watch your fave funny movies again.

You can do this alone or with your squeeze (if you have one) or maybe with some friends. Whatever. Just get your fave funny movies and watch ’em. We need to laugh, and it’s okay to laugh even in the shitshow.

5 I enjoy (add more in the comments — LAUGHTER IS GOOD):
Galaxy Quest
Shaun of the Dead (whatever! I have a macabre sense of humor!)
The Spy Who Dumped Me (whatever–Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis cracked me the fuck up in this)
Ocean’s 8 (I love a good caper)
Also, as an extra bonus, see Crazy Rich Asians. It’s a great romcom with great performances.

9. Get outside!!!!

I cannot stress this enough. If you’re able to, please detach from your devices and go for a walk in a park. Or if you’re close to a beach or river or lake, go and be mellow near it. Go hiking if you can. Canoeing. Kayaking. Or just go sit in a park on a bench and read or watch people. Whatever. Just GET OUTSIDE. The healing power of being outside is a thing. SCIENCE, people!

McWay Falls, Big Sur CA (Wikimedia Commons)

Don’t you feel more relaxed?

And along those lines, here’s ten hours of waves and rain sounds. Just listen and chill for a few minutes. You can also download wave sound apps. I have one on my phone. Here’s one on the app store; and here’s one on Android. Give these a try. When I’m getting too stressed out, I’ll listen to wave sounds. 🙂

10. Do something fun with people (and animals) you like.

Get creative. Have a BBQ or a block party. Fun stuff like this also helps build community and we need a fuck-ton more of that. Go for a bike ride with some friends. Meet at a coffee house, put your devices away, and TALK. Or take in a live comedy show. Or a play. If you have a reading group, do a community clean-up. Or form a reading group so you can! Join a community garden thingie. Do a monthly board game night or a potluck. If you do a monthly potluck night, trade off houses. Super-fun to hang out like this. Do an arts and crafts night with your kids (if applicable).

The important thing is, get away from your devices for a while (that means the news and all the toxic bullshit going on and all that nutty frenetic constant checking and FOMO) and connect with yourselves, with your loved ones, and with others in your community. A little love (self- or otherwise) goes a long way.

Happy Friday, all, and may the odds be ever in our favor.


  1. I remember cards against humanity when I played it with my family at my nephew’s destination wedding in Florida. It was very funny, right up until one of the cards joked about rape and then I have to admit, I was really disturbed by that. I was a Debbie Downer when I tried to toss an educational, teaching moment into the game. Epic fail! I think your idea of making a lesbian version of cards against humanity where we don’t have to support anything that might laugh off rape culture.


  2. Here are my favorite YouTube “dancing” videos:

    For movies, in addition to those you mentioned, Thor Ragnarock is lots of fun, and so are the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.


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