The Road to…

95AC322A-CDFD-40D3-A0E5-C21AF8A1B2C0So I had this fun idea that I was going to feature books involving Mayday- meaning ones that start with a tragedy, a la the Mayday that a vessel in distress calls. I have it on good authority from my French expert, Anne Pace, that Mayday comes from “venez m’aider” meaning “come help me.”

I thought I would have time on my road trip to put together this blog. I am 3000+ miles, 19 states, 5 audiobooks, and 10 days into the trip and it is 11:00pm Friday night. I have not had a single second to work on my blog. I need to call Mayday! I have no books for you- but perhaps you have some to recommend to me?113F1D0E-DAF4-42FD-9E32-A425BC3A477A

On this trip I picked up my 46-48th states- Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. For me a state counts if I drive through it. I took an extra hour to drive north across Lake Ponchartrain and then across the bridges over the swampy area at the south east corner of the lake. Gorgeous. I now need only Alaska and Hawai’i to complete my 50!

Today I experienced NYC rush hour and drove over the George Washington Bridge. EF6338FB-84C3-4F99-83DE-92D68BB4FC70I also learned that 630 miles up the east coast (I-95) takes about the same amount of driving time as 940 miles down the center of the US (I-35).

I have mostly stayed with friends and have had a couple of fun lunch breaks- including meeting one of my favorite authors (Kris Bryant) for the first time- over Kansas City BBQ. Awesome all around. Kris has a Mayday book: Falling.

I’ve listened to new audiobooks (Breaking Character) and revisited some old favorites (Dust). I’ve eaten more Dunkin’ Donuts than I should- and currently have the stomach ache to prove it. B306CF9C-9A2B-465E-8101-F024A555CF93I’ve also eaten gorgeous meals including delicacies such as pea beignets and orange dark chocolate torte. Not to mention some sinful ice cream.

I kayaked to see the bats fly from the Congress Ave Bridge in Austin, and saw a Gutenberg Bible. I stayed up too late chatting with old friends, and spent hours by myself, listening to books and music and the hum of the road. I have several more people to see and about 1500 more miles to drive over the next 9 days, before I have to get serious again.C8E95360-EC94-4B08-B7D0-E3202E00202B

Despite my current state of exhaustion, I highly recommend hopping into your car and driving across a few states if you get the opportunity.


  1. Your post made my day. I have done some similar travels as you are, but I have nit done all fifty states; if fly overs count than that I have done plus two foreign countries. Thank you this was an enjoyable read.


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