Women and Words Podcast, April 29-May 3, 2019

Sorry we missed last week but HERE ARE SOME DEEP DISCUSSIONS! Maybe.

Andi has been on the road and is freaking strung out on exhaustion but talks politics anyway with Jove (dammit, Jove). But yay! Yvonne Heidt stopped by to chat about her latest obsessions and KD Williamson lets her geek flag fly and reminds us that REPRESENTATION FREAKING MATTERS. R.G. Emanuelle wonders how changing technology will affect writing, reading, and publishing and then Andi somehow manages to remind people to try to have some fun and share some love in these nutso times.

April 29: Author and Women and Wordster Yvonne Heidt got us caught up a bit on what’s new in her world. Find out.

April 30: Author, Women and Wordster, and geek (YAY!) KD Williamson reminds us how damn important representation in media is. Go see.

May 1: Author and Women and Wordster Carsen Taite says she had a great time at ClexaCon but she also introduces us to a new Bold Strokes Book author, Eden Darry. Find out more.

May 2: Author and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle wonders about technology and how it might change our relationships to reading, writing, and publishing. Think about it.

May 3: Author, Women and Wordster, and geek Andi Marquette posted 10 things to help get you out of your head and maybe do some fun, self-care stuff. Movies included. 🙂 See if any of this works for you.

Also May 3: Call for submissions! Plays! Femslash Fest! Get the deets.

ALSO! GCLS has announced the finalists in their awards categories! Congrats to all!

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