Ask the Pros by Angela Grace

Have you ever had someone say something that is completely obvious but the idea struck something in you that caused you to pause and think,  “Of course!”

The other day, my wife made an off the cuff comment about a project we are working on and she said, “You know, it’s all in the implementation”.

I agreed with her at the time and moved on with the project. However, the comment stayed with me because there is something so basic and truthful about “implementation” that I could not let it go.

There are millions of self help books, podcasts, websites, blogs and videos that tell us how to do things.  We can Google nearly everything we don’t know how to do and improve the things we are good at.  But, there is one thing that no one can do for us.  When the rubber hits the road, either we implement or we don’t.  Sometimes, we implement and stop.  Sometimes, we have all the pieces in place, but don’t start.  Then, there are those magical times when we “implement” and have success.

This month’s challenge is for you to skip the question of “why don’t I implement?” And move directly into implementation. Just do it. Find something you want to do, create, make better or add too.

Keep emotion out of it, if possible. If you make the project emotional, there is a good chance you will not implement. ‘Think’ your project, don’t ‘feel’ you project. Unless, of course, the project makes you very happy.  In order to increase the  likelihood of being successful, write down the steps you need to take on the project, then do them and cross them off the list. As you cross them off, then you can feel successful!

What are some projects you will be implementing?

Angela Grace




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