Women and Words podcast, May 11-17, 2019

Judging books by their covers and sleuthing with Sapphics

Andi and Jove try not to talk politics but goddammit, they did a little bit. Sorry! But then they talked writing! Book covers, Sapphic sleuths, and audio stories.

May 11: Women and Wordster Erin Saluta has a question regarding the role of covers in lesbian fiction and whether we still judge books by their covers. Go see.

12 May: Author Jess Lea stopped by to talk about books with Sapphic sleuths, and to chat a bit about her latest, A Curious Woman. See her list.

13 May: Author and Women and Wordster Jessie Chandler interviewed author Judy Kerr, who is about to release her debut suspense novel through Launch Point Press in about a month! Check out the interview!

14 May: Women and Wordster and life coach Angela Grace reminds us about “implementation.” It’s great to have a project, but if you don’t start it, you won’t finish it. Read it for inspiration.

15 May: Author and Women and Wordster Clifford Mae Henderson recently drove to Mexico to visit friends. Here are her impressions of the border. Click for more.

16 May: Author and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle talks about age and how it can affect job hunting, no matter what anybody tells you. And it sucks.

17 May: Podcasters Alex Woods and Erin Lillis (and Snipps the duck!) stopped by to tell us about their Sapphic Cast, in which they read short stories from lesbian fiction and F/F fanfic.