Cash and the Sorority Girl

Big news, queermos. My book came out. There’s a weird liminal space around book releases. There’s the day the book is available on the publisher website. There’s the official release day when it’s available everywhere. There’s also a secret release date two to four weeks earlier when the ebook is available to reviewers and everyone at my publishing house. Basically, that means reviews start coming in before either of the official release dates. It also means (and this is where it gets wonky) that a bunch of my buddies are reading the book and texting me about it. Some of them wait for the physical book because it’s like a whole experience (hey, Ru). Anyway, it’s a weird time.

Things don’t get batshit until post release date. On the publisher release date, my mama starts reading. Last time I released a book she went up to her reading nook (her partner built a second story on their house that’s just a reading room for her? That’s a normal thing normal people build) and read the entire novel in a day. But then she got mad because there was no more book. This time, she parsed it out and made it last a week, which meant a week of text messages I didn’t dare respond to. I’m used to this behavior from my mama. But now my dad is into the books. And it’s great, really. Except he’s calling me after every chapter to discuss that chapter. I have absolutely not a damn clue what happens in chapter eight, Dad.

And now my grandma is reading the book? Like, yes, okay, I gave her the first Cash book. But I didn’t know she would actually read it.

I’m also doing interviews like this dope podcast. And I have to pay attention to reviews because I have to share them on social media (and by “have to” I mean want to because I really like it when people tell me they like me).

Usually when I’m overwhelmed, my wife keeps me grounded. She’s pretty great in that way. There’s a slight problem though. She can’t tell the difference between the books. See, she’s my cover artist, which is chill af, but also means she’s on a different timeline than I am. Right now, I’m promoting Cash and the Sorority Girl, but she’s designing Journey to Cash. Last year, she was designing Cash and the Sorority Girl when I was promoting The Price of Cash. Listen. It’s confusing.

That’s it. That’s the blog. Go pick up a copy of my book. A bunch of people who are related to me like it so that’s probably a rousing endorsement, right?


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