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The Girls of Summer

In a few weeks, the 2019 World Cup will begin in France. Four years ago, the final of the 2015 World Cup, which saw Team USA triumph over its old foe Japan to earn a historic third world title, drew nearly 61 million television viewers across the globe and was the most-watched soccer match—men’s or women’s—in American broadcast history. It even earned higher ratings than both the NBA finals and the Stanley Cup finals.

World Cup fever is not uncommon at my house. In fact, the 2015 World Cup actually changed my trajectory as a writer. Before that summer, I had written half a dozen novels, two of which (Solstice and Beautiful Game) featured college or former college soccer players. My wife and I met playing soccer, so these stories had a personal association that my other books at the time lacked. In the back of my mind, I had long intended to someday tackle a novel that featured professional soccer players, possibly even those who played at the highest level on the US Women’s National Team. Someday…

And then, shortly after our twins turned two, the 2015 World Cup came along. For anyone who has twins, you know from personal experience that the learning curve for parents of multiples is steep. But by the time your little ones turn two, you feel like you’re coming up for air, like maybe you could even tread water for a bit before being pulled back under. Or, at least, Kris and I did. Our heads were far enough above water that summer that we purchased tickets in advance for the US team’s group match against Nigeria in Vancouver, BC, the closest World Cup venue. We went with college friends and brought along our older daughter, Alex, who was four and a half that summer. Abby Wambach scored her 14th World Cup goal that day to lead the US past Nigeria. It would be her final goal for the national team, though we didn’t know it then as we cheered on the USWNT with the rest of the mostly American crowd.


Two weeks later, the US landed in the finals against Japan in Vancouver. The week of the match, I went online and discovered that some ticket holders were selling their seats at exorbitant prices. But when else would we have this opportunity? I hesitated only briefly before putting two tickets on a credit card, one each for Kris and me. At those prices, the kids could spend the day with a babysitter.

The electricity in the stadium for the final match between the US and Japan was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced at a sporting event. In Vancouver that day, there was energy and excitement, yes, but more than that, there was joy, pride, contagious affability. Love, even, flowing from section to section and down to the field and back. You could feel some sort of magic in the air even before the game began and Carli Lloyd scored her first of three goals just two and half minutes into the game. Kris and I and our friends kept laughing out loud and asking each other if this was really happening. Was the US really playing so crazy out of their minds? Were the fans really that loud?

Yes, to both. Undoubtedly.

Within a month of that incredible match, I was writing Training Ground, the first of what I thought would be at most two books about a pair of soccer players who fall in love while journeying to the highest level of the game. But once I started writing about Jamie Maxwell and Emma Blakeley—a.k.a. #Blakewell to my fictional WoSo fandom—I found I didn’t want to (couldn’t?) stop.


The Girls of Summer series follows Jamie and Emma from their first meeting as teenagers in the youth national pool through their ascension to the senior US Women’s National Team. Book four, The Road to Canada, came out in February and is about to be released on Audible (woo hoo!), and features the build-up to the 2015 World Cup. Right now I’m getting ready to publish book five, Girls of Summer, which takes place—FINALLY, as some fans of the series would tell you—in Canada.

Spoiler alert: Team USA takes home gold.

It seems fitting to me that the last (for now, anyway) book in the series will be released during the 2019 World Cup. I only hope that the growth the women’s game has experienced in the last decade will be reflected in the attention this summer’s World Cup garners. And, you know, that the USWNT brings home that trophy one more time… GO USA!


Kate Christie is the best-selling author of Leaving LA, Training Ground, and Goldie-award winner In the Company of Women. Girls of Summer, book five in the titular series, is due out in June 2019. Sign up for Kate’s mailing list ( to receive email notifications of her latest publications, or check out her blog Homodramatica (, where she writes about lesbian life, motherhood, and fiction.

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  1. Love soccer, World Cup (men and women) is always on our schedule. And, once I read the first 3, I can catch the Road to Canada, a road I took 15 years ago (though not a soccer related move, a Canadian wife move 🙂 )


  2. I love football (known as soccer to the Americans). In the historic shoot out between Japan and the US in Germany we were sitting right behind the goal. So bring more novels on about football.


    • Having a Kindle moment,Ugh……. I have read ” In the Company of Women” and learned something I have not known before. And I have also read other writers but come back to reading Kate Christie stories.


  3. Looking forward to reading your books and getting back onto the pitch (vicariously). Congratulations on this continuing series.


  4. I would love, love, love to read your series!!! I’m retiring from teaching middle school in 11 days and my plans are to read, read, read!!! LOL!!! Congrats’ on your Books! They sound amazin!!!


  5. One of the best series I’ve read in a long time! Emma and Jamie have become two characters I love to follow over and goer again, knowing how each book ends. It’s a great escape

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  6. I’m fairly new to lesfic, so I had not heard of these books until this post. The descriptions piqued my interest and the reviews were so good that I decided to purchase them all from Smashwords. I was looking for a new book and these will be nice to read leading up to the World Cup.

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  7. I can’t wait for the team to play in the world cup if it happens. I’m so VERY, VERY proud of the women on our team for the way they are standing up for themselves and sticking to their guns about the discrimination in women’s soccer and thru out women’s sports. They should get paid just like the men and have the same benefits as the men! Good luck on your book releases and I can’t wait to read them.

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  8. I just purchased Training Ground, I’m looking forward to reading it soon!! Soccer was my game, and it’s exciting to get to read stories about a sport I’ve experienced. You can be sure I will read your entire series, whether or not I am the lucky winner of this giveaway!

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  9. Wow, you‘ve seen a great match live! Once I played myself but now I just love to watch our Swiss Women team! So much better than men‘s soccer… too much drama 😅

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  10. Just wanted to say I’ve really enjoyed all of your books. Great blog, thanks for sharing with us. I already have these e-books, and most of your others, so leave me out of the drawing Jove. Keep on writing Kate!


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