It has to be a case of demonic interference!

A reader’s perspective on all those nasty little demons. 

I love my job. I mean every day I have a chance to make a difference in someone’s life, but more importantly each person I work with makes a difference in my life. How cool is it, that I’ve had a chance to meet someone who marched in the first Pride parade in New York City even though I’m in California? I’ve learned so much about the history that is guiding movements today and it is just plain awesome!

Unfortunately, my job doesn’t like me (and when I say “job” that is code for bosses).  As I was scrolling through LinkedIn (hmmm…why would I do that?) I came across this little bit:

BOSS: You are late!
Employee: it is only 8:10am
BOSS: work starts at 8:00am. I will have to write you up for this.
Employee: But I am not usually late. I left late plus I was up late finishing a report. Could you just let me off this one time?
BOSS: We can’t set this wrong precedent that it’s okay to be late
Employee: Okay then, I am not taking any more work home from now on. I will arrive on time and leave on time.
Many managers never complain when employees go the extra mile but are quick to point out employees’ shortfalls. You can’t buy loyalty, but you can certainly foster and nurture it. Never push loyal employees to the point they no longer care.

I feel that I had been that incredibly loyal, take the initiative, go above and beyond employee but for some reason, my position was posted AND their head hunter called me to see if I was interested! Wow! Kind of tacky but not sure if they were that obtuse or if it was intentional- Paranoia can definitely set in with these kinds of situations! So, I’ve decided that they must be full on possessed and actually demons! Is there a better explanation? Possibly, but demonic leads me up to a great way to talk about some super cool book! Let’s talk about demons.

Deadline (Harrietta Lee Book 1) by [Ahn, Stephanie]I’m not exactly sure how Stephanie Ahn’s book Deadline (Harrietta Lee Book 1) got onto my kindle but I am so glad that it did! The main character, Harry, was so incredibly flawed it made the story. A witch that doesn’t really know all that she is capable of or how to balance the skills with the will. And how does this include demons? Well there is actually a much larger magic community than any of us humans are aware of and amongst the many there are those that will make deals- one’s that may include your soul. But seriously, this was a lot of fun to read and I was cheering for Harry and all her flaws. AND, while looking for the cover picture, just saw that the sequel is out!! Heck yeah!

One of the fist demon stories with a LesFic twist was K. Simpson’s Several Devils. Now thinking of my amazing work life at the moment, how perfect is this blurb: What do you do when you live in the most boring city in America, you hate your job, and you’re celibate? There’s more, but right off I’m 2-3 for that blurb (in case you are wondering the first two are accurate!). It’s been several years since I read this story and it definitely hails to the Xena fanfic era but I do remember laughing quite a bit throughout as Devlin Kerry creates a little excitement in her life by invoking a devil.

Five Moons Rising by [MacTague, Lise]These two stories had a comedic element to them in regards to the demonic aspect and I did really enjoy them and recommend them. One that is more on the serious side would be Lise MacTague’s Five Moons Rising. I’ve mentioned this story previously, but when it’s good, it can definitely be mentioned again. Overall, it doesn’t really deal with demons rather more the supernatural world in general but Malice, the kick ass hunter, does go up against a demon or two. Definitely check this title out because it is well written. If there was one flaw, it would be that there isn’t a sequel. Yet.

So, bring on the demons! What lesfic stories filled with demons (the real kind not the boss kind) have you enjoyed? I’m always looking to extend my collection so let’s share!!



  1. How about Windigo Thrall by Cate Culpepper? Does that count? I know of other books with demons, but haven’t read them yet, so can’t recommend them.

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    • I totally missed that Cate Culpepper story! I loved her Tristan series and we had a very fun conversation about A Question of Ghosts and me being a scardy cat. I’ll have to find this one! Thanks for reading MargaretB!


  2. Robin Alexander’s Devil in Disguise doesn’t quite make the demonic lit category, but the devil in disguise in her book would be great to introduce to your boss 😈.

    I hope your own story really has led to “amazing work life at the present” – that you weren’t being cynical when you wrote that.

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    • Millie Ireland thank you so much for the recommendation! I love Robin Alexander’s work and reading the reviews on this one it looks like she branched out from her usual so I’m excited to read it. Unfortunately I was a tad bit cynical there. I do really love my work and all my patients but not really sure how to react to them posting my job position- makes for an awkward day at the office when the boss is there! Thanks for reading!


  3. Well, although it takes until the third book to realize that demons are involved, try KB Draper’s Kanyon and Daylen series. Her other series, which starts with Demons Shemons, is a little more in your face with the demons involved. Also, Robin Roseau has a series, Games People Play, and books 2 through 4 involve demons. (Book 1 is unrelated to the rest.)

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    • Thanks for reading Amy Pall. I had not heard of this series before and reading the blurb I will admit to being a bit confused as it doesn’t implicitly mention women. However, the reviews are amazing and it has definitely been added to my wish list! Thanks for the recommendation!!


  4. Loved Five Moons Rising and thanks for the other two suggestions. It never fails to amaze me how short sighted some bosses can be. I’m a firm believer in “what goes around comes around”.


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