The Quest for Quest for Redemption

Today, I hit the end and send on a three year journey. My latest book, Quest for Redemption, has taken three grueling, hair-pulling, sometimes tear-filled years to finish. Bella Books has been more than gracious in all of the email exchanges we’ve have where I’ve asked for yet another extension. It sounds like Quest will be out tentatively sometime in February 2020, and I might as well tell you a little bit about it.

Quest began life as The Puzzle Box, because a puzzle box is one of the quests my main character, Special Agent Mikala Flynn, is on. As I worked my way into the story, something happened. The careful outliner I am lost complete control and the manuscript morphed in ways I didn’t expect or understand. I thought I was writing a mystery. It became something of a tale of romantic suspense instead. At this point, I no longer have any idea if my story holds up or not. I can’t wait for an editor to come back with some direction correction!

Regardless, I’m incredibly relieved to have this off my plate for a little while, at least until edits show up in my inbox. So, you ask, what is this crazy book about? Here’s the awesome cover by the amazingly talented Sandy Knowles and a teaser for your enjoyment!

Placed on a medical leave of absence from the her job as a special agent in the National Protection and Investigation Unit, Mikala Flynn is a woman on the edge—guilt-ridden, depressed, battling war wounds and personal demons. The world and the relationships as she knew them no longer exist. Now, the streets of New York, the bottle, and anonymous sex have become her solace.

In the midst of a fire escape bender, Flynn overhears her crazy-like-a-fox grandmother and her art-world cronies planning a daring theft of a valuable historical document. Eventually Flynn crashes the party and agrees to take on the heist herself. Along the way, Flynn runs into, both literally and figuratively, her now wheelchair-bound best friend, an alluring, mysterious thief who throws multiple wrenches into the works, and the ex-love of her life.

Can Flynn pull off the job without falling victim to vodka and lost love…and somehow begin to find herself again along the way?

If you’d like to take adventure and love lost (and gained) into your own hands and place a preorder for Quest, here’s the Amazon link! Now, I must haul my exhausted butt home and tell the family, “I’m finally done!”

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