Ask the Pros by Angela Grace

It might be time to stop the technological overflow to your brain.

Consider ending the constant input into your head. With TV, Facebook, Instagram, and the internet’s endless information; your brain is in constant use. We turn on our phone, watch YouTube videos, turn on our computer, listen to music, listen to a podcast, write to friends, write to strangers, use a vibrator, drive in traffic, figure out our taxes, pay our bills, read blogs, read posts, play video games. Your brain takes it all in. Everyday.

Your brain does its best to sort everything out. But still you put more in. Morning to bedtime.

Let’s use this visualization to think about our brain.

Imagine an icy cold pitcher of fresh water with floating lemon slices, strawberries and mint. You pull it out of the refrigerator, pour yourself a tall glass of water and take a deep, thirst quenching drink. Flavorful. Delicious. Refreshing. Ahhh…

Take that same pitcher of water; put it in the sink and turn on warm water. Run a steady stream of water into the pitcher. Before long, the water will overflow the pitcher; the mint will float out first, then the lemon slices, strawberries and last, all the ice will spill out. You will be left with a pitcher of warm water. Still somewhat nourishing but boring.  The zip is gone.

It’s the same for our brain when we have information overflow. Our body allows us to continually absorb input from all of our senses: eyes, ears, touch, smell, taste and others. Then, our brain sorts.  With so much input, it doesn’t have time or enough rest to do much except just keep us functioning at a basic, warm water level. In order for your brain to become creative, to think abstract ideas, to put new thoughts together, the brain must rest. Literally, sleep, meditate and relax. It is through rest, that our brain sorts. The sorting of input is how we are able to reach a higher level of thinking and reasoning. Without sleep, without rest, we soon lose our ability to function (and psychiatric hospitals see their profits go up).

You need to allow your brain to chill out for awhile. Of course, you can still function with full head, but you’re not as creative, not as visionary, not as articulate.

There comes a time when we need to rest our minds.  When is that time for you?

In the spirit of summer fun, here are 4 of my favorite non-alcoholic beverages that are diabetic friendly. If you have favorite summer drinks, please place the recipe in the comment section.  I hope you enjoy!

“Orange Drink”

1 Quart of Cold Water

2 TBS of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Squirt of Liquid Stevia


“Amy’s Drink”

1 lemon (the whole thing including rind)

1 inch of fresh tumeric pealed

1 inch of fresh ginger pealed

4 cups of water

1 fruit of your choice such as 1/2 apple,  1/2 pear,  4-5 strawberries

Blend above 5 ingredients in a blender until it becomes mostly liquid.

After blending, strain.

Put the mixture back in the blender.


2 scoops vanilla protein powder- I use Orgain from Costco

4 squirts of liquid stevia (if you don’t add stevia, the lemon will be overwhelming)


“Chocolate Protein Drink”

Using a Nutribullet:

Almond Milk or Silk-  fill to fill line on the Nutribullet cup


1/2 avacado

4-5 strawberries

1 squirt of liquid stevia

2 scoops of vanilla protein powder

1 heaping tsp of dry cocoa powder – I use Novatis from Costco.


“Green Drink’

Using NutriBullet

Fill to fill line with cold water


4 stalks of celery

4-5 strawberries OR 1/2 pear

2 scoops of vanilla protein powder

1 squirt of liquid stevia




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