Summer Vacations Suck

It might have something to do with a Steam sale happening right now, but my productivity in terms of writing has been suffering for a month and I don’t like it. I always enjoyed college much more than high school, after all it is a better experience… in every way but one. Unlike the two and a half months off that youngins get, I’m stuck with a whooping four. My last class was somewhere around the first week of May, and classes begin in the last few days of August, and I am withering away in a pit of unreliable scheduling and a brain broken from both boredom and my own self insufficiency.

As the only member of my family who currently doesn’t have a normal week’s schedule (i.e. I have 3 part time jobs that only take up two days of the week all together), I am responsible for a lot of little things, and while I have entire days free, they consist of frequent interruptions that don’t allow me any large chunk of time to sit down and write. My writing process sucks and I don’t have enough self-control to get it in check, but the thing that worries me most is that while I’ve been writing for a while now (coming up on five years in a couple months) I have difficulty finishing anything.

My motivation has been suffering too, and it isn’t entirely the fault of how fun Fallout 4 is, although that is a contributing factor (curse you Steam and your charming, cheap wiles). I need to have a completely full schedule to function semi-well. I always take 5-6 courses, and usually end up with very little if any free time during school sessions, and when I do get home that’s when the writing is the best. Now with no 18-credit monster breathing down my neck, the slacking is in full swing, and I am in disappointment-at-Val mode.

I know what you’re gonna say: “Take it easy! Everyone needs some time to slack off!” NO. I’ve been slacking for far too long, and there comes a point when we have to get our heads out of our a***s and just get to work. So I guess this blog is more of an incentive for me to write than anything else, cause now y’all are witness to my laziness. I think I’ll just do it, like not bother with times and schedules, but just sit down and make my fingers type the stupid words out. I feel like this isn’t just a ‘me’ thing, so if you’re also someone experiencing this, then take those boot straps and pull them up or whatever that idiom is, give me some slack I haven’t been writing lately.


  1. Maybe put your writing on your daily calendar for a specific time for a specified amount of time. Keep it like it’s an appointment to learn whether you have a terminal illness. (We all do, it’s life. We just don’t know how long we have.) Half an hour? An hour? Whatever you think you can realistically make yourself sit still for. Turn off everything, and just write. You’ll feel better, I promise.


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