Summer Time

Hello! How’s everyone’s summer going? Did y’all watch the Women’s World Cup? I was in this limbo space between big life transitions during the tournament, which meant I got to stay home and watch soccer all day long. It was amazing.

Soccer was a major fixture in my life growing up. (Fun fact: it’s the backdrop of my first novel!) I played soccer through high sschool and I loved watching the National Team when I was a pre-teen. That ’99 World Cup is ingrained in my brain; particularly, that Brandi Chastain victory celebration. That team is one of my earliest memories of female athletes kicking butt and unabashedly showing how strong and talented they could be. Mia Hamm was my role model. When I was twelve, I bought the first book she wrote (did you know she’s written four??) and I spent lazy summer days playing some World Cup game that I can’t remember the name of on my GameBoy. I would watch the tiny, pixelated versions of Hamm, Lilly, and Scurry dash across my screen, imagining myself out there with them.gameboy

Anyway, I love soccer and I love the Women’s National Team and am so happy they won gold (again!) and also Megan Rapinoe (!). Did you read Sue Bird’s article on Megan? Check it out, I promise it’s worth it.

Okay, where am I going with this? Soccer. Right. I had two weeks off because of those big life things. My girlfriend and I just moved! She graduated with her Masters from UCSD and got an awesome job offer up in Orange County, so we moved north a bit. We both started new jobs and moved into our new place and are getting into the swing of things. Our pup is suspicious of our newly acquired space, but he does enjoy the addition of trees ripe with squirrels to chase.

Uncertain about life.

I suppose this blog post does not have a particular direction. Admittedly, I’ve been so busy with the training that goes along with my new job that I didn’t have much free time to plan this month’s post. So, sports! Female athletes! Equal pay! Also, GCLS! Is anybody there?? I couldn’t make it this year, but love hearing about it from everyone!

Oh! I’ll be at San Diego’s Pride Festival this weekend, talking about my books! The San Diego Public Library is hosting a Lit Café. Come say hi!

Wherever you are this summer, I hope you’re able to relax, enjoy some sunshine, and I hope you get to read a good book (or maybe seven). 😊


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