Royally fun!

A reader’s perspective on Royal adventures. 

Do you remember those last few days before school was out? How exciting the prospect of having close to three months of vacation was? And as we get older how incredibly necessary those vacations become but are just as exciting? That is what I just had last week! We took a holiday and it was royally fun! And it was all because of books.

Kim and I have started listening to audio books on our car trips. It’s a great way to pass the time, but also it is a great way for Kim and I to share books. It was on one of these trips that we started planning our brilliant vacation to the United Kingdom and it all was inspired by the stories we were listening to. Have you ever gone on a trip because a story inspired you? It’s a fun way to have the world open up, that is for sure!

A Royal Romance by [Frame, Jenny]Jenny Frame has a wonderful series of stories focused on a fictional Royal Family. The first story that we listened to was A Royal Romance which follows Queen Georgina, the first openly gay monarch, and her slow burn romance with Beatrice Elliot, an anti-monarchist, who also happens to be the director of a charity that the Queen has chosen to patron. The narrator, Leslie Parkin does a fabulous job of bringing Jenny Frame’s character to life and the story was thoroughly engaging. What I think Kim and I enjoyed the most, though, was discovering some of the history of the current Monarchy among the pages! As Kim and I were standing in line to view the Crown Jewels, touring around Windsor Palace and hanging out in Edinburgh (we weren’t able to make it all the way to Balmoral!) we kept comparing our experiences to what we had read.

Having that much fun with this story, Kim and I also listened to Once Upon a Princess: A Once Upon a Princess: A Lesbian Royal Romance by [Bliss, Harper, Lydon, Clare]Lesbian Royal Romance by Clare Lydon and Harper Bliss. Though the closest Kim and I got to Cornwall was Bath, Once Upon a Princess had two really great characters. The focus wasn’t just on the Royal lifestyle rather it delved much deeper into the strains and expectations family can have on each individual. The plight of Olivia (the Princess) is balanced perfectly by Rosie’s character and her struggles to be both parent and sister to her younger sister. Each woman is caught between wanting to live her life and wanting to meet her family commitments and needs. The narrator Fleur Strange does an exceptional job capturing the accents and pacing the story just perfectly!

The Princess Affair by [Stark, Nell]Another royal oriented series is Nell Stark’s. I started with The Princess Affair and was immediately hooked into this fictional monarchy with characters in the royal family who have very human flaws and challenges. Though Princess Sasha wasn’t my favorite character in the beginning, by the end of the story I was cheering for her and the challenges that she was facing. And if Kim and I had a couple of more days to spend in country, we definitely had Oxford on our places to visit. It would have been another great adventure to ramble through the streets that Kerry, the Rhodes Scholar, ran through on her first day.

It was absolutely a blast to experience these beautiful places! With the exception of me still not knowing which way to look when crossing the street, the trip was relaxing, fun and filled with inspired adventures. Have you ever planned out a trip based on places you read about in stories? And if anyone has anymore Royal stories, let me know!! It’s my new favorite at the moment!


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