Women and Words podcast, July 7-12, 2019

That time Jove had a fight with a table saw and a wooden bowl…

Andi and Jove discuss Jove’s latest injury, fangirl over Cheyenne Blue, enjoy drink recipes supplied by Angela Grace, and wonder how they missed Fiona Zedde’s traipsing around Marrakesh before she got to France. Andi also totally got where Sam Ledel was coming from with regard to the Women’s World Cup.

July 7: Author Cheyenne Blue stopped by to chat about her latest, A Heart This Big and talk about how one of her primary writing themes is showing the goodness within people. Also, Cheyenne did a giveaway! Join us in reveling in that.

July 9: Women and Wordster and awesome life coach and psychologist person Angela Grace stopped by with more words of wisdom about unplugging from devices. AND she offered several delicious non-alcoholic drinks that are diabetic-friendly. Check it out.

July 10: Writer and Women and Wordster Val Agab is trying to find writing motivation during unmotivating times. Commiserate.

July 11: Author and Women and Wordster Fiona Zedde is off gallivanting YET AGAIN. This time she’s in France after apparently being in Marrakesh–WHAT THE WHAT???? But she always has some great photos and travel stories. Go see.

July 12: Author and Women and Wordster Sam Ledel has had a lot going on, including obsessing over the Women’s World Cup. Join her in the busy.

And Jove’s getting ready for Pride in Vancouver, WA. If you see her and her family out and about, say hi!

Also, Women and Words sends a shout-out to the GCLS conference happening in Pittsburgh this year! Hope everybody is having a great time! For more info about this, which features F/F books, writing, authors, and fanfolx, check out the Golden Crown Literary Society website.