Use your powers for good

Hi, all!

So, I’ve been thinking.

I know, I know. That could be dangerous.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about how representation matters in media — and holy fuck, it does. Srsly. It’s SO important to see yourself represented in media. I cannot understate the value of that.

And yes, it’s important to fight really hard to get that rep, and it’s important to fight for the things you love (that have good rep), and it’s important to make your voices heard.

And I also get that in these shitty-ass terrible times, how important media is to provide an escape and a respite from the waves of holy-crap-this-is-actually-happening-jfc-what-the-hell that are sweeping not just this country, but the world.

Fucking hell, friends. I fucking get it.

But while you’re fighting for various media you love and for representation, let’s not lose sight of what’s happening around us in the real world. Let’s not forget all the horrible that is going on around us ON OUR FUCKING WATCH — things that are happening to people that don’t have privilege or resources or even the luxury to launch campaigns that help keep our fave shows running. Let’s not lose sight of that, because this defines who we are as a country and a culture, is how the most marginalized among us are being treated.

So with that in mind, if you have the resources to donate, here are some really great organizations that are fighting the good fight:

RAICES TX–Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (they’re on the border right now helping as they can)
Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights
Border Angels
Kids In Need of Defense (KIND)
Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project
Casa Ruby
Indigenous People’s Power Project
National LGBTQ Task Force
Trevor Project
US Climate Action Network
Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women USA
Reproductive Justice organization
More Reproductive Justice
National Center for Transgender Equality
National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance
National Center for Lesbian Rights

Point being, there are an ass-ton of organizations fighting for a variety of causes that will in some way affect you personally. And it’s also really cool to donate to local advocacy organizations in your city/state that are doing all the dirty work of going to the legislature and lobbying on your behalf. How about volunteering for them, too? You’ll learn a shit-ton about advocacy and civic engagement by doing this, and you’ll meet way cool people.

So check around your area to see what organizations could really use some help/money/other kinds of donations.

In these really scary times, it’s important to build community, and yes, fandoms are a huge part of that, but remember the people outside those fandoms who are right now being subjugated by shitty-ass policies in our name and do what you can there, too.

We’re all in this shitty-ass sinking boat together, friends, but the stronger our communities — working intersectionally — the better for all.

Happy Friday!

And please, leave links for your fave organizations that take donations below. Let’s share the luv. Deities know, we need it.

May The Force be with you.


  1. great post, great list – thanks for sharing! – and we can find more to add in whatever part of the world we live, some probably even in our own neighborhoods – so much opportunity to do good and help ourselves and others.


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