1. Gone Girl Gone… Again

Gone Girl … Again.

OR – How we can capture a muse, spank her with our words and go to therapy all at the same time.

Actually, I was going to use the title, Chasing the Muse. But do you KNOW how many poems, books, movies, etc. – are called just that?  I didn’t either but after a cruise through Google, I knew it to be more than enough that I didn’t want to get caught in the horde.

While I try not to think about that, I want to undertake a challenge to get my words flowing again. And I’m inviting YOU to be a part of it. Be sure to read the blog all the way through – there’s a surprise at the end.

And LOOK Jove and Andi – a blog post about WRITING. I’m so proud.


Writer’s block is a very real thing to authors – and for me, this time,  Macy (because it rhymes with Racy) has been gone so long, I’m concerned she may be lying in a ditch somewhere and never coming back. This  adventure just may be my version of combing the woods with a police dog.

And as we look for Macy, there’s another reason for this endeavor…


Sometimes, we all need a little self-reflection. It may be the very last thing we want – but in order to grow and catch that slippery little muse – we must.

It’s not going to hurt – I promise. Stop and read on before you close the window!

Rogena Mitchell joined forces with me. (Before #45 broke my soul.)  But, I digress. Together, we put out a beautiful journal dedicated to my late daughter, Deserae, and Rogena published it on the eleventh anniversary of her death. So you can understand my emotional attachment to it. Not only that, but I really do believe it’s worth joining in and having some fun with me.

If I’m to be honest and I usually always am – Rogena did most of the work, I had way too much fun writing the prompts to call it work.

And don’t call me out too hard on the honesty thing – and don’t make me a liar and ask me if your jeans make your butt look big – and I’ll keep my integrity. thank you very much.

Here’s what I’m proposing to the readers of our fine website here at Women & Words: I thought it would be cool and interesting to answer the journal prompts together.  Not only will we have fun, we’ll get to know each other, and due to the nature of some of the prompts – we’ll have a little group therapy too !

I – for one, am looking forward to it.

For this first installment of Gone Girl – I’ll be reminding us of what the journal is all about and posting one of the prompts for posterity. Here is a link to the book: It’s also on sale. But – if you can’t go that route, I will be still posting the questions here, on the blog – and answering them right along WITH you. I’m not askeered.

Well, maybe a little.  LOL

THIS is a link to the previous blog of the coming out party for Capture a Muse.

And to make it a little more interesting, the participant who comes to play, sticks with us, and posts the most – will win an autographed copy of the journal.

A new one, silly.

capture a muse cover
“Fun, creative, and damn well therapeutic journal”


Here’s a vanilla taste of your future prompts:

Chosen from the section: OMG – THIS Happened!

“A friend has come to visit, and they open your junk drawer. OMG – what’s in that drawer? Do they find anything embarrassing? ”





  1. I really hope you find Macy soon. Your novels are fantastic! Can’t wait to read more. In the meantime I’ll be rereading The Spirit Sisters Trilogy.


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