By the Sea, By the Sea

Every so often, I have occasion to go to Coney Island. It’s usually when someone’s in town and wants to experience the legendary amusement park and boardwalk. (And it’s the reason why, no matter what bag I pull out of the closet, I’ll reach in a pull out a wad of Nathan’s napkins. It never fails.)A few weeks ago, I had friends visit from Minnesota. One of them is actually from New York, but hasn’t lived here in more than 20 years. A lot has changed since she left.We had a nice evening watching the Friday night fireworks, walking through the throngs on the boardwalk, stopping for some gelato, and riding the landmark Wonder Wheel. They had ridden it earlier in the day (while I was at work), but I told them that it was a totally different experience at night. And it truly was.Doing things like that—showing people around my New York City—reminds me that there’s so much joy and beauty in the world. It’s so difficult to remember those things during the drudgery of everyday life when you hate your job, feel disrespected daily, and are underpaid for your skills and experience. Days roll into weeks, weeks roll into months, and months into years. It makes it far too easy to forget that life offers other things as well.I’m going to try to remember that more often. And when my thoughts drift to darker things, I’ll just look at my many, many photos.


  1. I’m glad you took the time to see the beauty. We all forget it’s there – I’ve had a lapse since that November – it seems as if all is wrong with the world. So I will choose to watch the sunset tonight. 🙂


  2. Yeah, things seem particularly dark and bleak since that November. But we have to remember that the world is composed of many things…including sunsets. 🙂


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