I’ve Got the Music

This weekend is one of my favorite things. Every year bands converge on my small town and play the first weekend in August. Every third year it is a four day event. Today was day 2. I am already tired and can’t wait for tomorrow! 56930500-990B-4254-9A86-DE60D4C45BA7

I live in a small town with a cute “square”- that’s actually more of a trapezoid. It has a fountain in the center and sits alongside a river. The main stage for the bands is set up on the square (photo is on a typical quiet summer day). People bring chairs and completely fill the square and the roads around it. The local taco truck sits on the corner. I eat a chicken burrito (no rice) for lunch and dinner every day of the Festival. All ages come, from babies in strollers to elders in wheelchairs. Sometimes people dance.2F3D2686-2F5D-422D-BA0C-7EB80D3081BC

The music is glorious. From all eras- tonight I heard music from Hildegard of Bingen up through Beyoncé and everything in between. Marches, popular music, hymns, Spanish, German, Mexican, Italian, you name it, if a band can play it, we hear it this weekend, including Swiss alpinehorns!

Naturally, this gets me thinking about books featuring music and musicians!

A new favorite is Fear of Falling by Georgia Beers. 4A0C91F1-2EEC-4187-9787-0DFC9FF0239DA delightful story featuring sweet Sophie James and her new manager, Dana Landon. I love the chemistry in this book. The characters are real and so enjoyable. There are scenes where I just find myself smiling like a dope, I like them so much. Excellent visuals.




Lee Winter’s Requiem for Immortals is an older favorite. Featuring an incredibly talented cellist and a mouse of a woman who may be a lion, 225F0B9C-AE33-475B-A84C-956332084F11this book has stuck with me since I read it. And re-read it. It does contain violence, which is usually a no-go for me, but the exquisite writing and gorgeously developed characters and story make it well worth the read.




Perfect Rhythm by Jae is an unusual romance featuring an asexual main character. AF8429F2-9B03-4EC1-9D31-8271AEF0CE24Musician Leo returns home to her small town and meets Holly. The story is both warm and educational. The characters are people you want to hang out with.



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