Is August Really Almost Over?

The past month has been so crazy hectic over here in Tampa. I have hardly had a moment to breathe, let alone prepare for a blog post… So, forgive me if this seems random and put-together-at-the-last-minute. You’re not wrong. Hopefully, you won’t be disappointed, though.

o-create-a-life-to-loveIn June, my third book, Create a Life to Love was released. I am so proud of this book for numerous reasons. What I really love, though, is I made sure to focus on each person in the book by writing in first person from all their points of view. Sometimes it was difficult to switch my voice from a fifty-something “straight” woman to a younger lesbian romance author to a sixteen-year-old budding bi-sexual. The thing I found was how much doing it that way improved my ability to actually get into my character’s heads.


o-beautiful-accidentsMy next book, Beautiful Accidents, is releasing in eight days – September 1 (on the Bold Strokes Books website). I absolutely loved writing this book. Not only does it take place in Chicago in the winter, but one of my characters is an American Sign Language interpreter living with her Deaf mother and interpreting tarot card readings for her best friend, who is also Deaf. And the other main character is an improv actress. I studied at Second City for a good part of my late twenties/early thirties and it was so very fun. Definitely the best time of my life. So, being able to bring that passion for improvisational arts into this book which means so much to me was so great.


TheRoadHomeThe Road Home will be my fifth full-length romance novel. I am so very excited about this one. Actually, I’m probably more nervous than excited. The story line tested me a lot. I was depressed for a good portion of writing it. Work and real life get in the way sometimes. But I also chose to write about a subject that is very near and dear to my heart: losing a mom to cancer. There were moments while writing where the last thing I wanted to do was continue with it. I cried more times than I care to admit. I never thought I’d be the author who admitted she cried while writing. I typically turn my nose up and think, “oh, please, your writing isn’t that good.” And honestly, mine isn’t! The subject matter gutted me. I’m so glad I finished it, though. I feel it turned out how I wanted it to, so, for that, I am happy. The Road Home will be available May 2020.

Aside from writing my rear-end off, I have had the pleasure of attending numerous concerts. My girlfriend and I are referring to this summer as our Summer Concert Series: 2019. We kicked it off with Celine Dion in Las Vegas, who was incredible. Then we went to see my absolute favorite band, Florence + The Machine. Florence Welch is an angel and there is not a single song or sound which comes from her mouth that I don’t worship. Up next was Dave Matthews Band, and as always, he was so good. Dave concerts always make me so happy. His fans are the best fans ever. Seriously. Last weekend, we went to see Elle King, Joan Jett, and Heart. Let me just say, Joan Jett has incredible arms. And Ann and Nancy Wilson are fucking phenomenal. All three are in their sixties, and they still ROCK. Every single second was so fun. My next concert is Lizzo. September 10th cannot get here soon enough. Lizzo embodies everything I hope to be: strong, confident, hilarious, and sexy. I love her.

This summer has flown by so far. I’m happy and sad about that. I do hope you all have been able to experience either live music or a good book.

And if podcasts are your thing, give The Weekly Wine Down a try. Authors Jackie D, Jean Copeland, and myself mix it up with Stacy and Stacey. We talk about everything from politics to weird local headlines in the news to what shows we love and are obsessed with. And we get drunk. The time we have is always a good one. I guarantee you won’t regret giving us a try.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I hope it’s relaxing and fun and filled with laughter and music.

Also, if you’re wondering – my favorite songs…

My favorite Celine Dion song: It’s All Coming Back to Me Now

My favorite Florence + The Machine song: Shake it Out

My favorite Dave Matthews Band song: Gray Street (this song breaks my heart)

My favorite Heart song: These Dreams (although I also love Never)

My favorite Lizzo song: Truth Hurts



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