Grieving the vacation

A reader’s perspective on post-vacation blues.

It has been 56 days. Eight weeks. An entire season. It has been 56 days since we returned from our summer vacation. A time span that means people are tired of hearing how amazing it was, tired of looking at our picture, and apparently tired of me saying, “I want to go back!” How rude! I mean it’s only been 56 days! I should get SOME time to show off pictures, retell adventures and sigh over missing the fun. But since I want to keep some friends, I’ve turned inward with my wishes and did what any normal person missing their vacation would do and just listened to a ton of audio books with brilliant accents! That is normal right? Let me share some of these lovely stories that have helped me in my vacation grieving process.

Hooked on You by [Matthews, Jenn]Not only a great accent, but a super awesome late in life coming out story is Jenn Mathews Hooked on You. It was so good in fact that I actually considered pulling out my crotchet kit that I bought some 10 years ago just to see if I could make something (I couldn’t and it is safely stored in the bag again). It was the perfect story for post vacation blues because it addresses how life has ruts every now and then and that is what makes life interesting- us finding different ways to bounce around on those ruts until finally we find a smoother path. Anna and Ollie are wonderful characters with their maturity and their struggles in life. I especially connected with Anna who just keeps adding projects to spice up her life. It is a wonderful listen and I recommend it to anyone who may be in their own life challenges and looking for something new (or just a great accent to listen to!).

Maybe it’s because when I returned from vacation I wasn’t thinking Gee that was fun but The Cruise by [Gold, Lise]I sure am glad that I’m back at work! that I connected with Lisa Gold’s character of Cara in The Cruise. A character who is looking for passion, not just in the bedroom but with her life’s work. Her adventures at sea with her best friend’s girlfriend, Billie help her to find a different way to look at life and a different approach to what happiness entails. It rang true though, as most of us spend upwards of 35% of our time at our jobs. Should it be something that instills passion or is it just a means of passing the day? In addition to hearing a great accent (I was serious about the accents!!) The Cruise takes listeners/readers on a literal journey around the world. If you are looking for an escape- this is a great one!

Greengage Plots: A Lesbian Romantic Comedy (The Greengage Series Book 1) by [Sterner-Radley, Emma]And if you are looking for a comedy, listen to Emma Sterner-Radley’s Greengage Plots! The narrator does a perfect rendition of the laid back, interfering lifestyle of the islanders and Emma Sterner-Radley’s quick wit and smart comebacks had my laughing. And when you have headphones on and are laughing our loud, I have found people can and do look at you strange! But it was worth it because this story is fantastic with lots of quirky characters, funny themes, strange but believable circumstances, and an overall great rom-com. My understanding is the island is fictional, otherwise I would be in the planning stages right now so that I could time my visit for the kitten races!

So all you wonderful readers out there, where have you gone on vacation this year? I would love to hear about other’s adventures and how you are coping with the return to reality. Personally, I have been thoroughly enjoying mine!


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  1. Some good choices. Lise Gold is new on the scene and I really like her stuff.

    I have a buddy from our Ireland trip that is still getting mileage out of it lol. You’ve still got some leeway I think. For me, its the feeling within a couple of days back at home that you were never away.


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