Listen to Your Friends!

I tend to get caught in ruts in life. I keep things the same. I adore romance, so rarely move outside the genre. But when I do, I usually love the books recommended. I majored in history in college and adore historical fiction (and I get to narrate one soon, stay tuned!), but I don’t tend to choose it unless someone reminds me. I say I am not a fan of science fiction, but I have read several excellent science fiction books, usually with a romantic theme. The same goes for paranormal, mystery, certain thrillers…

My dear friend Anne Pace is a more adventurous reader than I and it occurred to me recently that she has introduced me to all number of excellent novels over the years.

A Knight to Remember by Bridget Essex. 37247C77-8F6F-4AA8-BE81-74B45C8A520DI wouldn’t have found it as it is an other-world travel fantasy, and oh what an excellent read! The story, the main characters, the secondary characters. All blend together to make a very entertaining story.  My history major was focused on medieval history, so knights were very much a part of that. Virago and her beast are glorious. I would have happily studied them in college.


No Strings is one I might have eventually found working through Gerri Hill’s backlist. 0BB6E240-183F-4F6F-A10F-FF936B730469Anne helped me find it faster. The book came out in 2009, before I discovered WLW fiction. The trope is one I often enjoy- the casual “no strings” relationship that becomes so much more. A cozy read in a gorgeous setting.



Turbulence by E.J. Noyes. I am now firmly in the E.J. Noyes fan club. Before I ever picked up one of her books, 87E3AA2B-527B-44DE-999B-F6A2B9150E45Anne was singing the praises of this book to me. It ended up not being my first Noyes, but it certainly became one of my favorites. Who am I kidding- they are all my favorites. If you haven’t read a Noyes yet, go grab one.





I also need to mention M. Ullrich’s Life in Death, recommended to me by Kris Bryant (whose books are also awesome). AECDAAB8-A860-4D3C-98AE-6133F8752FD8Kris told me that I would love it. I argued that  I can’t handle a book where a kid dies. Kris said I would’t regret reading this one. And she was right. It’s an amazing book. Take a chance, you won’t regret it.




What books do you recommend to friends when they are stuck in a reading rut?



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