I’m Not a Workaholic, I Swear

Classes finally started and I feel like a proper human again. The first week is barely over and already I have approximately 500 pages to read, 40 pages to write, and the feeling of satisfaction of a job completed to absorb. Now, I am not a workaholic, nor am I particularly ambitious, mostly lazy, but damn having work to do feels good. This is the first time in my academic career that I am taking only three classes, but I’ve managed to balance that out with working two more jobs (very part time, I’m not that off the rocker). The thing I’m most excited for, however, is that I get to write again.

The rigidity of a full schedule tends to counterbalance my inability to function in the case of boredom and like clockwork I start writing and enjoying it again. There’s nothing like the captive attention of 9-12 grad students to motivate writing gays in space. With my schedule being so bonkers, I’ve also decided that I will allocate time for hobbies regardless of the demanding pace of school as well.

Here’s the thing. I was never much for thinking about mental health or exercising a healthy balance in my life for anything, because more or less I was lucky enough to have that be a natural constant in my life. But whenever long stretches of vacation-nothingness come to pass, I find myself going to bed at 5 AM, and getting 4-6 hours of sleep on average. My eating schedule dissolves into snacks and junk food around the house. My creativity also takes a vacation, and I find myself starved for ideas, but never able to find them. Therefore, in a direct affront to the laws of physics, I actually find that I have more time for everything, the fuller my schedule becomes. A healthy sleep schedule is back, my meals are not stupid, and my thinktank started to think.

I’m certain that this is probably just me being weird, because some of my colleagues already look exhausted just being back, but I’m excited to finally get back to participating in life instead of waiting for the days to pass.


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