Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions, Sept.-Oct. 2019

Y’all, I cannot. In a couple days it’s going to be “officially” fall in this part of the world and omg it seems like last week it was New Year’s Eve.

Fortunately for all of us, books are still being published, and bunches of them will no doubt end up on your “to read” lists. I’m guessing a few of those will be off the Women and Words book lists amirite?

So let’s get reading for fall in this part of the world and spring/summer in the southern hemisphere!!!!


And if you’re an author/publisher/reader who knows of a book that should be on these lists, just drop us a line at the Contact link, above. Tell us it’s a book for the book lists and give us author name, book title, and a buy or info link. Easy peasy!

Now get to reading!

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