Women and Words podcast, Sept. 22-27, 2019

Don’t piss on mother-fucking tomato parades

Andi and Jove go frolicking through the weeds yet again and talk about identity, finding yourself, being happy, recycling and reusing. Oh, and guess what? That stuff does actually relate to stuff on the blog this week! Take THAT, weeds!

Sept. 22: Author Roslyn Sinclair stopped by to chat about her forthcoming book, The X Ingredient (Ylva), and coming out “late.” Have a look!

Sept. 24: Author, Women and Wordster, and embodiment of herstory Lee Lynch links the scariness of big tech to possible censorship of queer fiction. Definitely have a read.

Sept. 25: Dirt Road Books/Louisa Kelley blog tour! Fianna the Gold! Dragon shifters! Go see.

Sept. 26: Authors and Women and Wordsters Fiona Zedde and Renée Bess finished up their Q&A about travel, how it informs writing and characters, and life itself. Come and ponder with us.

Sept. 27: Author and Women and Wordster Erin Zak talks a bit more about her latest release, Beautiful Accidents (Bold Strokes Books) and how she incorporated tarot and a bit of improv into it. Give it a whirl.

And Jove reminds us all that if you have, say, bicycles lying around that your kids have outgrown (or maybe you have), check your local listings. Some organizations take donated bikes and refurbish them. Or give it to a neighbor or friend. And check your local listings to see if there’s a place you can recycle tech. 🙂