Writing Prompt Party II

OR fun and therapy in Vonnie Land II

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“Fun, creative, and damn well therapeutic journal.”

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Briefly:  I thought it would be interesting to answer some of the journal prompts together.  Not only will we have fun, we’ll also get to know each other. In addition, due to the nature of some of the questions – we’ll have a little friendly group therapy too! please take note – the prompts on the blog here are in no particular order – just at my whim.  *insert evil laugh here*  AND to ease us in, I’m starting with the easy questions LOL.

I’m on a mission and I’m dedicating it to Macy – my muse.

“A muse can be a mirror: a reflection of the artist’s desires, anxieties, dreams, and needs.” Vince Aletti

On my last blog, this is the question I left ya’ll with:

Chosen from the section: OMG – THIS Happened!

“A friend has come to visit, and they open your junk drawer. OMG – what’s in that drawer? Do they find anything embarrassing? ”

My answer:

First of all, I have a few (ok -several) drawers – They are super magnets for junk I can’t quite make myself get rid of.  I may have a couple-three of teensy hoarder tendencies – and (for example) all those bread ties and twisties have a purpose for something…. And if by chance (bite your tongue)  I clean a drawer out – I will always find a purpose for the items after I’ve thrown them away…

My best friend can have free reign over any nook and cranny in my house.  She is also the one who – if for any reason I can’t – the only person in the world I trust to get rid of the bag in the closet….  (you know which one)  In addition to the goodie bag – she would also get rid of anything incriminating, and or embarrassing. 🙂 

Thank you Maralee – I love you

Where was I?  

Oh, yes! Back to the drawer:  I made a list of contents in the two designated drawers. We will leave the ones in the office out of it!

Big box of wooden matches, 20 pens (10 of which I’m sure – don’t work), box of toothpicks, loose rubber-bands, 2 tape measures, cooking string (sew them turkey butts up!) electrical tape, 2 outlet covers, bag of balloons, bread ties LOL, superglue, 2 can cozies, Phillips screwdriver (which I guard with my life – you can never find one when you need it),  2 of those tiny allen wrenches they give you to put furniture together and you never use again (but might need later), 5 boxes of flea medication for dogs, photo album with 70’s recipes bought at a garage sale and never opened again. Remember the one pot cream of mushroom soup and rice recipes?  local restaurant menus – some of which have been closed for years, small yellow tablet, Max’s syringes for his diabetes, 3 maps of stuff to do around here that we’ve never done, AND – drum roll please, more bread ties!

Whew.  Ok, I’ve showed you mine – your turn. It doesn’t have to be pretty – just jump in!

Please leave your answers in the comments –  OR write it down in your very own copy of Capture a Muse. Again, the purpose is fun – and a lot of it.  And hey, if Macy comes home while in the process of writing it- even better.


Your new Mission 🙂

Writing prompt – Chosen from the section: Walk This Way.

You, along with your companion, are walking down the street after having a meal in a restaurant. You come upon a street band playing some awesome music. Set the scene: Describe the street. Is it night or day? What kind of music are they playing? 

See you next time 🙂


  1. Okay Yvonne….it’s early evening ,but it’s fall here in the mountains so the sun is setting a beautiful rushing pink and purple over the city skyline and mountains and the windows of the skyscrapers reflect the gold and pink so we are surrounded by color and covered by a carpet of deepening blues and purples as well! (Hey that’s one hell of a sentence. just noticing LOL) We come on a little street band playing something Afro-Carribean. I don’t know how to dance to it, but I feel the rhythm and my body moves with it more than just a little and so my date laughs and grabs my hand and pulls me into the street where we dance until the last of the gold and pink is gone and the lights of city compete with the stars to guide our way back to the car and back home.

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