Leading the Witness

I’ve spent the last week completely absorbed in the online stream of a headline-grabbing murder trial here in Dallas. I know the attorneys involved on both sides, and I’ve tried cases in the same courtroom that is currently standing room-only while the country waits to hear the final outcome, but the intricacies of the facts and legal issues kept me glued to the screen.

The tragedy that led up to this trial happened just over a year ago and, believe it or not, getting to trial a year after a crime has been committed is actually pretty fast. What has shocked many though is how fast the trial has progressed. All told, from the guilt-innocence phase to the punishment proceeding, it will likely all be over in less than two weeks which is a fraction of the time that was spent by both sides investigating the facts, interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence. While the trial is the main event, I’ve always enjoyed what comes before – before the court rules on the admissibility of evidence and before the attorneys are locked in by whatever witness testimony comes out on the stand. Don’t get me wrong – I’m drawn to courtroom drama, but often the investigation is the most interesting part of the process.

Leading The WitnessIn my new book, Leading the Witness, I throw a defense attorney and a prosecutor together in that investigation phase, where neither know where the facts will lead, but both are seeking the truth. 

Catherine Landauer spends her days grilling prosecution witnesses in zealous defense of the accused criminals she represents, but no one knows she was once the victim of a headline-grabbing crime. When the man who kidnapped her resurfaces, Catherine goes from attorney to witness, reluctant to trust anyone, especially the alluring prosecutor assigned to the case.

Veteran prosecutor Starr Rio has a reputation of doing whatever it takes to win, even if she has to skirt the edge of the law in the pursuit of justice. Now she’s working the case of a lifetime, saddled with an uncooperative witness who is sexy as hell and who thinks she knows more about criminal law than the entire task force assigned to the case. But when Starr and Catherine give in to desire, their hearts, careers, and even their lives are on the line.

Let’s do a giveaway! The winner will receive their choice of an ebook or an autographed print copy of Leading the Witness. Leave a comment about anything you wish and I’ll draw a winner and announce the name in the comments on Saturday, October 5th.


  1. What a timely post as I was just reading the synopsis to this book earlier today. Sounds like a fascinating and intriguing read; please put my name in the giveaway hat, thanks.


  2. Thank you for continuing to write such fascinating books. Interesting what you say about investigative vs courtroom. Maybe you could write a post about where in the legal world one is most likely to encounter justice vs facts. (In your copious.)


  3. This sounds like a great book! I’m a criminal justice major and took a courts class and just finished ethics in CJ where we talked a lot about courts and lawyers. I would love to read this book!


  4. I’m looking forward to reading this one! I love legal dramas especially since I work in the legal industry. Nothing this exciting happens where I work though ;).


  5. Now you know I love your books as the justice system seems so different on the surface to ours but underneath it all you show the human spirit is the same no matter where we are.


  6. Thanks for all your comments! I had some technical difficulties, but everything’s fixed now and I’ve drawn for a winner. Linda – watch your email for details on how to claim your prize. Cheers!


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