Finding the new

A reader’s perspective on what a small conference can add. 

I believe that the LesFic community is lucky in that it is small and intimate. Granted I haven’t been on any type of social media sites for over 2 years and am not involved in the on-line conversations about writing reviews, covers, content and other fun aspects of reading, but I still feel part of the community. I’ve had the chance to attend the LCLC (Left Coast Lesbian Conference) four out of the seven years that it has been in existence, I have to say it is a fabulous way to find a way into the LesFic community and really connect with authors and readers both. And it is at this conference that I have found new-to-me authors whose work I most likely would not have found otherwise.

Daughter of No One by [Ledel, Sam]First up, Sam Ledel. If the name sounds familiar, she posts here on Women and Words the second Friday of every month. She has also written a fantastic story in Rocks and Stars, her debut novel. This year though, I was excited to hear her read an excerpt from her newest work Daughter of No One. It is the start of a new series, The Odium Trilogy, and I am so excited that I can get my hands on a copy of the story AND hopefully get her to sign it as well!

Last year I met Patricia Evans Jordan at the LCLC and she has  McCall: Passport to love series by [Evans Jordan, Patricia]returned again this year. Last year I picked up a copy of London, which I loved- not just because it got me excited about my upcoming trip to London, but because the characters were great and the story line captivating. My understanding is that London is part of the Passport to Love series where Patricia highlights different areas (making the reader desperately want to renew their passport and travel there!). So this year I am excited to pick up McCall and see if her magic touch will motivate me to travel all the way to Idaho (a more likely scenario when there isn’t snow on the ground!).

Fandom to Fantasy: Volume 1 by [Authors, Various ]I will readily admit to being a novice on fully understanding the world of FanFic but I do know that is what sparked a renewed interest in LesFic for me some 20 years ago. That is why I was so excited to meet Virginia Black! She is awesome and so incredibly comfortable talking about FanFic. She contributed to Fandom to Fantasy, an anthology edited by Isabella and Sallyanne Monti. Virginia’s contribution is Season Finale and I was enticed to buy the whole edition when she did her reading excerpt last year! The who anthology is filled with excellent stories that will appeal to most avid LesFic readers.

This is a great conference and I sure would love to hear other reader’s perspectives on conferences- especially the smaller venue ones. Who are some new to you authors you discovered?