It’s Halloween Time!

Hi there. October is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. It’s my birthday month. The leaves turn those beautiful vibrant colors. Pumpkins. Soft sweaters. Boots. And, of course, Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, as I’ve said every year on this blog. It’s the one time of year that allows us to be someone else (unless you’re an actor, in which case, you’re always someone else) and let’s us express secret desires, alter egos, and particular interests without judgment or repercussions. We do things that are out of the ordinary and that might be looked upon askance if we did them any other time of the year.

People really go to great lengths for their costumes. And in that spirit, I call upon you, dear readers, to share pics of you in some of your favorite Halloween costumes. To get you started, here’s one of me as a flapper (I inked out my face because I hate the way I came out).

Happy Halloween! Have fun and be safe!


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