Life lessons from the Weather Channel


Andi here. I’m on the road again for a few days, but here I am!

So I’m sitting in my hotel room right now and it’s about one in the morning (wtf why am I still awake plz help) and I’ve got the Weather Channel on and there’s some show (Secrets of the Earth?) talking about scary things in nature or some such and they’re explaining why and how quicksand works and how you can get out of it (thank GAWD I now know this…#survivor).

Which is kind of an apt metaphor for life sometimes. Stuck in quicksand and making it worse if you don’t move correctly.

See, I just learned that quicksand doesn’t kill you by swallowing you. In most cases, you’ll just get sucked in up to your chest. But if you’re stuck in quicksand, you’ll end up dying of exposure or possibly drowning, since you’ll be stuck there as a tide comes in and you drown. If you jerk around and make big movements or panic, you get even more stuck.

So how do you get out?

Well, you do small wiggly movements one leg at a time as you gently ease it up and out. The small wiggly movements can help dislodge the sand enough to allow water to circulate, which helps break the suction/vacuum that quicksand creates around trapped limbs.

Point being, sometimes it’s going to take a while to extricate yourself from a crappy situation. Big, dramatic movements may just end up keeping you trapped, so you have to very carefully and slowly get yourself out rather than panicking and throwing yourself around (spoiler: that doesn’t work).

Sometimes, life is like quicksand and you get caught in a situation that will take some finesse to extricate yourself. Slow, gentle movements over time work better than flailing around at getting you out of this.

And I realized that being careful and deliberate sometimes accomplishes your goals in ways that flailing about and knee-jerking doesn’t.

And then I realized that holy shit, the Weather Channel just schooled me on not only escaping actual quicksand, but things that become emotional quicksand. And you might need some help, and it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for it.

Sometimes, being slow, deliberate, and careful is better at getting you out of shit than you thought. And it might be the only way. So if patience isn’t your strong suit, I recommend you work on that and try a different approach if you’re stuck on or with something.

And that’s my freaking deep thought for 2 in the morning on the road.

Got some life hack tips? Let us all know in the comments!

Happy freakin’ Friday!

P.S. in case you wondered, here’s a good primer on getting out of quicksand RIGHT HERE.


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