Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions, Oct.-Nov. 2019

HI, all.

Apologies again for being late on this one. If you listen to the Women and Words podcast, you know why the lists are late.

This month has been nuts and shit is stupid and…whatever.

Here we go. I’ll be posting the next list in the next 3 weeks or so (PLZ SEND CHOCOLATE KTHX) and that’ll get us caught up. We hope. LOLOL

ANYHOO! Here are many books to add to your lists for all the readz.


And as a reminder, if you know of a book coming out that should be on these latest releases or is forthcoming for November/December, drop us a line at the Contact page, above. All we need is author, title, and a buy or info link. 🙂

Now, READ!

source: Bookriot

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