On the Road Again



I just returned from a long road trip- almost 4,000 miles by the time I got home. On the way east I enjoyed the gorgeous foliage of New York in the rain and in the company of a very sweet older cat, 20F53353-63FB-4015-B47C-79BF602288D8who now lives with my daughter. It was a joy to transport the little cutie from her old home to her new one.




I experienced a few hours of Women’s Week in Provincetown. I managed to run into several of my favorite authors! I got to hear Radclyffe and Sandy Lowe talk about the inner workings of Bold Strokes Books and after lunch I enjoyed hanging out at the Bywater Books table in Womencrafts. I ate lobster salad and lobster spring roll and not-lobster ice cream. In a fresh rolled waffle cone. OMG.

I painted. A lot. I primed the walls at my parents’ little lake house. 0A2C76B8-DF77-4ACA-9B29-2DC822295E9FIt’s a cute place, the septic is almost in. I will not miss the tippy port-a-potty. I was a little worried I might fall in the lake.




In Quebec City I experienced some excellent food, and sight-seeing, and ice cream, and shopping, and all in the best company. BB92940D-EC2B-4778-A7E5-C8CAFE85410DAnd- cute new red shoes! Speaking of shoes (and ice cream), that reminds me of Karin Kallmaker. I just started Because I Said So. I’m loving it!









I recorded The Companion by Kim Taylor Blakemore!45E6E03A-CE28-4E14-A3CB-B4B7D7D12C4E At a studio in Michigan. It was a fabulous experience in the cute town of Grand Haven. This book sticks with you. I’m still thinking about it.





Then I drove home in the rain and the snow. Including 45 miles/hr in the slow lane with my hazards on and the semis whizzing past just outside Madison WI. I stayed overnight in Madison.

It was a fabulous trip. I meant to read a lot. In the end I chatted and painted and had fun with my family and friends and listened or re-listened to favorite audiobooks- Bitterroot Queen (Courtney Lucien narrates Jove Belle), Starting From Scratch (Georgia Beers narrates her own book), Breaking Character (Angela Dawe narrates Lee Winter), Passion’s Bright Fury (Colleen Marlo narrates Radclyffe), Just Jorie (Lisa Cordileone narrates Robin Alexander), Painted Moon (Abby Crayden narrates Karin Kallmaker). Then my sister gave me How Not to Die and wants to discuss it with me, so I listened to that on the final stretch and now I only want to eat Brussels Sprouts and sweet potatoes. Well, until I see a Ring Ding.

It’s nice to be home, the cats are especially glad, and I’m looking forward to more time to read!




  1. Ann, you have the best road trips. I’m still torn as to whether to go down the audiobook trail. I love having all my ebooks in my archives and I love reading. I know that there are times it would be convenient to listen to the book I’m having enough finding books when I’m looking to reread as it is – not sure if it would be more difficult with the two formats.


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